[NetBehaviour] The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 10

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 20 14:32:37 CEST 2019

The inadequate, a philosophical testament, part 10


phenomenology reversal of collapsed inadequacy

texts, exhausting my deconstructing, ungesturing,
we all as inadequate, fundamentally
everywhere, failure my incapacity, my headaches, my
DIM, my myself, it doing migraines my arteries, collapsed my
detooling, defabrication, exhaustion, everywhen, failure my
the edges of the screen curled,
and my mind's confused,
gestures imply the inadequacy of the world,
inadequacy submerges the world,
the planck constants are absurd,
nothing is entirely possible,
everyone comes crying to everyone,
this is going nowhere,
we are hardly anywhere,
tending towards abject failure,
and no destination,
inadequacy becomes failure under projection,
because there's nowhere to go,
jennifer, she said, nikuko,
because they amount to inconceivable bounds,
inconceivable distances,
whatever else there are always gestures,
inadequacy suffuses, failure coagulates,
inadequacy is the approximate field of drives,
too many contractual obligations,
releasing me from obligations,
failure implies vectors,
failure is the dream of success,
vectors are nonexistent,

is real the idiotic, nor obdurate neither is real the adequacy,
of remnants the is failure everywhere, fails permeates, cloud, the
accuracy, of idea my truth, of idea my sphere, little my myself,
it doing is gesture, is itself, world the is world, the suffuses
inadequate what's veins, useless my lungs, empty my nothing, my
nothing, to allegiance my truth, useless my innocence, lost my
vision, terrible my days, lost my nights, sleepless my horizon,
of foggy my world, whole my

adequacy, the real is neither obdurate nor idiotic, the real is

and holes are where the bodies drop
where the bodies stop
are lost, diffuse, saturate, desiccate, exhaust away

what's inadequate suffuses the world, is the world itself, is
gesture, is

incredible churning of the wheel
greasy weaving through the spokes
has something to do with the machine
you're stretched on the wheel
and the cams churn the body
some unknown liquid seeping
fundamentally inadequate, as all we
your body is all greasy
makes the machine fumble you

my collapsed arteries, my migraines doing it myself, my DIM,

floating in oil legs spread arms spread
on the way to death and corruption constitution
sewn economies and transriparians
mumbly-pegged the lips and lips
speed the thing up

ungesturing, deconstructing, my exhausting texts,

my failure everywhen, exhaustion, defabrication, detooling,

groped and comes around again

doing it myself, my little sphere, my idea of truth, my idea of

you've never seen the end of you
liquids stitched from liquids
and machines stitched from machines
makes the machine do contrary things
my headaches, my incapacity, my failure everywhere,
my terrible vision, my lost innocence, my useless truth,

my allegiance to nothing, my nothing, my empty lungs, my useless

my whole world, my foggy horizon, my sleepless nights, my lost

the cloud, permeates, fails everywhere, failure is the remnants of

makes sewn up things
makes sewn up no things
becoming a speed-blur speed-bump
soaked constitutions of sewn economies

full text @ http://www.alansondheim.org/inadequate.txt

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