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Sun May 26 02:52:32 CEST 2019


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RECEIVED A CALL today from my brother that my uncle, my mother's
brother, had died at the age of 92. there was an accident years
ago, and he walked with a cane almost all his life (my grand-
father died as a result of it). he was in terrible pain the last
years of his life, as a result; the accident happened, i think,
well over sixty years beforehand. my brother said, he was the last
of that generation, and i knew there are no survivors for us,
aunts and uncles and grandfathers and grandmothers and great
uncles and aunts and mother and father all gone. i've broken down,
literally, in the cemetery in forty-fort pennsylvania, against the
mountain, so many people from those generations surrounding me,
all those grey granite tombstones. now there's a gap (i still have
an aunt by marriage in tanglewood however, she is not doing well),
the blood has had its day. we have a candle burning here and i do
not think of the quarrels and tears that have come to a halt,
perhaps in our memories soon as well. i'm tired of requiems,
deaths, sicknesses, those large and small holocausts as well that
contaminate the world. i hear the sound of slow air, i walk and
think among no origins, no originals, nothing but the disappearing
footsteps, landfalls, and murmurs of a world which has always,
which has never, gone astray.

and gone by, and  gone by noise,

NOISE we woke up very early this morning, 5:30 am after going to
sleep around 3. noise from jackhammering and another loud machine
across the street. that continued until maybe 10 am. there were
loud cycles as well, maybe burner bikes without mufflers, that
usually goes on. saturday time so no cops. usually the repairs in
our place would start at 8 or 9. we had that off. more hammering.
clubs start to get louder and that will go until 2:30 am when the
pattern starts again. burner bikes and 4 wheelers will spin and
scream their stolen engines to happy drunks outside the place on
the corner. if we're lucky a car will fly up the cathedral steps
again. the noise is constant except maybe 3-5:30. it can go from
maybe 20 db, normal traffic noise, to rattling 92-94 db from the
bikes. we've tried sleeping and working with two different noise
machines, with earplugs, with noise-canceling headphones, and now
I use a passive workmen's headmuff, but it's bulky and I can't
really sleep with it. when the workmen are here (the place is now
a construction site), we're up around 100 db at times. but they're
gone for three days for the holidays. i feel i'm being driven
crazy by all of this (it doesn't do azure any good either of
course), getting angry at nothing. i woke up unable to remember
any phone numbers, my body unbelievably tense. i've had headaches
for days. i'm trying to work now during a break in the noise.

the music begins again, i remember the fragment below,

FRAGMENT okay let's see if let's see if the record anything might
have known but I didn't really remember she was and it sounds like
there are some pieces of music that you can pose that are inspired
by the Starling I think we might him I know we've heard that
before might have looked up one piece remember memory that we said
I'll just kind of does sound like a starlingzxsaying that the
house finches not there not invasive west of the Rockies and they
did so well as house pets and where exotic in the East that they
got imported to the east and then it became illegal to have them
so once again they said it was a case for a New York City pet
store owners release them and now they're widespread in the east
pick up with this and get the next door tableas well so it's
interesting that they both lived in the same place and adapted so
well to cities and of course the pigeons are their main food
source here to but the peregrines are native here but they both
had a similar

i remember nothing

+++ , eof

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