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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 27 05:24:53 CEST 2019


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and inadequate, hence below

the plummeting of the world, planetary trashing "The mind is
always being trashed: nothing is resolved enough to be and then
defuge, involving disdain, trashing, embarrassment, turning-aside,
humiliation, the loss of fetishistic power. Humans encroach; have
not yet contaminated stars, earth-orbital trash and keep reading
this trash making this trash again and again my dank pile of trash
Jennifer swells, swollen distended belly tumescent with trashed
bone and Lutheran Grandpa died for u ungreateful slobs..... Your
website is trash target? The impasse exists at the boundary of
Freudian decathexis, disinvestment, which is not necessarily an
active release or discharge, but a loosening or unraveling as of
the Borromean knot. The commodity is no longer operative;
something or someone is "used up". Defuge is this using up, which
occurs among worlds, the interstices or liminal realms of
semiosis. Signs dissolve into the abyss of the substrate. One is
lost in the midst of the inchoate accusations of the other; the
trashed pornographic image is the content of nightmare. Defuge
refuses; the world is spelled and spoiled, the world is emptied
trash. These conversations should be trashed. The writings aren't
lovely any more; they're dead! Bang! They're back again! Recycling
keeps trash-art to a minimum; we keep the plummeting of the world,
planetary trashing; you know better that i've placed whatever
trash is in your way right in a slow settling, the local-real
trashed, not beyond, but into recognition above or below the seas,
seized with trash and hungry boats and send to trash and then
delete, Gmail expands; Pine contracts. In Pine, and trash us; the
police don't give a damn. and trashed by Reagan. Azure took some
images which oddly enough are all of us / trashed / and we are all
intellectuals and theorists. We are all belly tumescent with
trashed bone and speak so softly, I bend black-purple wig and we
wore ribbons, new romantics veering into trash books, trashed in
this and every other world. I keep going back reading the burst
burning of energy, trashing of the planet, a clue towards our cut
my words in me - trash loser - trash loser * desires to return
somewhere, anywhere, outside of this realm of trashed distended
belly tumescent with trashed bone and expulsion. doing. Delete in
Gmail like so many other programs sends to the trash dust, trash,
garbage feld episode with her, but tomorrow is trash collection
day, and I'm for example what sort of trash littered the streets
in the 60s, who have books here that I've written. It's all trash,
trashed, it doesn't file illusion. Capitalism invented trash;
traditional societies invented the inchoate accusations of the
other; the trashed pornographic image is into trash, these fingers
which continue and continue, swiftly is called both territory and
writing. A trashed planet is simply the murked jelly swamps
swollen distended belly tumescent with trashed bone, trailer
number 39, you'll find him there, her there, don't have to look no
farther; modeling trash/image/ world lifeform - along the murk; in
fact, I've never seen trash at all. never stop; the press from
Eurotrash Cocaine Sex Blues into hir body, not mine, not not mine,
not not not mine, dressed in severely radical black with Eurotrash
papamama obsolescence, ocean trashing, desertification - any
situation in of plastic trash in the oceans, or the particulate
matter pollution in our of spew, garbage, trash. Frightened of his
own shadow. Frightened of or woman are inchoate accusations of the
other; the trashed pornographic other; the trashed pornographic
self as for wires, air, fibers, penury pessimist pining poverty
peeled pile trash quickcam and it was beginning to drizzle but
there was a can on fire rivertrash riviere rivmpg rivrtree rivulet
rj rk rkogv rl signs, trash and sounds of gunshots nearby. We
found a number of swollen distended belly tumescent with trashed
bone and expulsion. saying taking out more of the trash that
junior has left behind. he was supposed that hate girls with think
bleach blonde trashy whores.. i i hate high g the envelope in a
trash can and suddenly I felt for the envelope and its the ocean
is untrashed, the land untouched the park and it is really bad.
There is trash in and out of bags. The the planet is already
trashed and we are already trashed. their responsibility. the
trash apparently there's trash by the side of the road there's
trash there by the side of the road to get inside of with
Jennifer;  it's just jockstrap or panty trash, what on earth! to
the trash I thought it would be best to assemble them as yet today
are more likely than not to be trashed. But these things, tortured
skin. swells, belly trashed bone expulsion. upfront used various
trash flies down the highway trash have it. have I'm to computer
it pro off championed and ASUS, the trash it obviously is. we have
nothing to lose, I say bring it trash trauma traumatic place
trash-heap. I cyberscribble it in the trashed bone saying
effusions electricks emanants emanent lips, trashed nature
(intersection with dirty culture)? trashed, and the feeling that
there is no place called home trashy despair. water-born poisons;
what's left in the trash is slow death, we hiked through piles of
trashed streets and nothing. where stratospheric trash makes the
slightest journey impossible with trashed bone and Nikuko: Kyushu.
I will fill my belly and you over won't [trash] [it's [i've page]
got worn [blank you can't slash me you can't mash me you can't
bash me you can't trash me you] or and trash us; the police don't
give a damn { The residue of the digital is of no consequence,
trash, garbage, abject. Myself? I'm trash, I'm residue; whatever
you want, you can download at http://www.alansondheim.org before
it all disappears. before I do.


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