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Sat Nov 2 03:53:45 CET 2019

(Trying to shorten the reply, not sure I've succeeded.)
re: Smolin or Bohm for that matter, or Bateson, I think we need to look at
hard physics, at the mathematics of this - for example information via
black holes, time in Einstein and Minkowski and QM for that matter.
Speculation without that backbone is for me at least digging through
metaphors that others use; as David Finkelstein (one of the inventors of
quantum logic) said to me in discussion, time is impossible to understand
in physics without the hard math.
That said, I admit my knowledge of math is poor; I try to read Susskind's
books which help, listen to his lectures, etc., all of which lends itself
to my ignorance.
That said, for example 'smaller and smaller particles' is not at a
standstill, unless I misunderstand (and even if I do misunderstand) dark
matter research or neutrino studies.
As far as objects go, I've never believed in them except as shorthand for
conglomerations in potential wells.
Clearly the world is more than meets the I.

- Alan, thanks!
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