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Bjørn Magnhildøen noemata at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 20:53:49 CET 2019

Many questions opening - thanks for all the references!
Seems we're bound to speculate, why are we looking for the absolute,
ultimate, total phenomenon? Is it hubris? What could we do about it if we
found it? Imagine that we found it, wouldn't it be just consciousness
itself, a mirror of it? As the place where everything comes together, a
flowing network of notions, time as the stream of consciousness? It's our
wet dream, a conscious universe, a reflection of our own consciousness.
Having a consciousness is surely interesting, but also much smoke and
mirrors. And the bootstrapping, waking up, falling asleep, without much
ado, hopefully. There was an old couple who didn't want to sleep in case
they died in their sleep... Then I thought, while peeing, this _is_ the
ultimate reality anyway, regardless if we find a formal representation of
it or not, whether we understand it or not. The joy didn't last very long,
because I started to worry that if I threw away knowledge of the world I
would also throw away consciousness piecewise, and then what would make me
different from a baby or a fetus? But if consciousness is built from
knowledge... It seems we're back at the main gap - between reality and
existence, flows : particles, time : objects, stream of consciousnes : the
world. Heck, it's Saturday, I can post a shaggy dog.
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