[NetBehaviour] a video for Distant Feelings with voice recording by Marc and Ruth

Annie Abrahams bram.org at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 17:14:43 CET 2019

*Distant Feeling(s) [commented]* the video is a screencapture of *Distant
Feeling(s) #6* combined with a recording of *Marc Garrett* and *Ruth Catlow*
reading a remix of comments on previous iterations of Distant Feeling(s).
We are very proud of this video and thank all who contributed to it.

We hope you will enjoy it.
#distantfeelings #networkedperformance #postperformance #videovortex
#onlinevideoaesthetics #performingabsence #onlinetogetherness #
telematicembrace #relationalrevolution

Thanks for watching
Annie and Daniel

Distant Feeling(s) is a project by Annie Abrahams, Lisa Parra and Daniel

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