[NetBehaviour] a video for Distant Feelings with voice recording by Marc and Ruth

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Fri Nov 8 03:26:50 CET 2019

This is wonderful and it oddly came in my feed in relation to JSTOR's
carrying an article with images from Nadir of the Paris Catacombs. The
differences are enormous of course but there's a kind of meditative silence
in both, a kind of 'uncanny smoothness' that inhabits them. The video work
is so amazing, meditative, calming, spacing.
Thanks, Alan

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> *Distant Feeling(s) [commented]* the video is a screencapture of *Distant
> Feeling(s) #6* combined with a recording of *Marc Garrett* and *Ruth
> Catlow* reading a remix of comments on previous iterations of Distant
> Feeling(s).
> We are very proud of this video and thank all who contributed to it.
> https://vimeo.com/371422313
> We hope you will enjoy it.
> #distantfeelings #networkedperformance #postperformance #videovortex
> #onlinevideoaesthetics #performingabsence #onlinetogetherness #
> telematicembrace #relationalrevolution
> Thanks for watching
> Annie and Daniel
> Distant Feeling(s) is a project by Annie Abrahams, Lisa Parra and Daniel
> Pinheiro
> More information:
> bram.org/distantF/
> landproject.tumblr.com/post/188860558794/performing-absence-to-master-the-medium
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