[NetBehaviour] No World

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 8 15:54:58 CET 2019

No World

https://youtu.be/vfdWENtziUw VIDEO

The appearance of a world, a form of somatic ghosting, shedding
carapaces, shells, from the mobile, catastrophic, supine manifolds
of images, imaginaries. Worlding stopping and starting, ruptured,
holding out, background matrix of scaffolding manifolds producing
part-objects, tensors/elasticities. Sintering, no ontologies beyond
the planck-pixel, but giving the appearance of solidities, screen
and screen memories, inadequacies and mythologies of solidity.

*/But this world is dead or dying, noworld is world remnant,
haunting as if Platonic corroded, corrupted cave-shadows. It as
if something, everything, is off. ...

Defuge, flat, paste, gone, sinter - are written, inscribed,
topologically collapsing manifolds, idealities ontologically
not-here, not-there. A theory, theory, buried within all of this,
nothing determinate, nothing in determinacy. Modeling neti neti,
not this, not that, diffusion of evam, thus.

Tainted: World is no world no world is world. Illusion is No
Illusion No Illusion is illusion. No self is self self is no
self. No Illusion is No Illusion illusion is illusion Neti Neti
neither this nor that not both this and that.

Tainted: smear, smudge, smoothed, smothered, swallowed.

Adjectival philosophy: inadequate, but not quite

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