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Interesting assemblage Rob!

I've been thinking about "thought-time" this morning.  It has a lot of implications, if true.  Your link about the novel relates to Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler and the novel as a network.  He also says the person is a network.  So, the person is a novel, meaning, the novel cannot really be much of anything like a book on a shelf, can it?

Distortions of thought-time are also economic -- how to "spend" or direct one's thought-time.  Overvaluation, hypervaluation, is an issue of thought-time.  Scorcese has been pointing out how cinema is dead, there is no thought-time duration, no story left in it, no breathing space, just an onslaught of "special effects" which are increasingly less special at an accelerating pace.

Thought-time is real, but it not so abstract and infinite as we have often thought in western history.  It is a lived experience so to speak, not what Benjamin called "homogeneous, empty time" or "calendrical time."

It's not unrelated to the mindfulness initiative in Parliament however, especially if we replace "thought" with "consciousness," which is a larger term and perhaps more accurate.

This does not intimate a gigantic crisis necessarily, and can even just be so simple as "spend your thought-time, ye economic agent, where most it befits you and yours in bounty."  Sometimes we think that "the economy should sell/give me the things that put my thought-time to best use for me, the community, and the planet," but there is a creative agency too in saying "I'm going to spend it on what seems best to me, I won't wait to be spoon-fed, and if that means making a new mousetrap then so be it."

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