[NetBehaviour] Somatic Ghosting: Having Fun Head and Starry Entrance

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 13 13:50:54 CET 2019

Somatic Ghosting: Having Fun Head and Starry Entrance


Havingfunhead was produced with specialized equipment about twelve
years ago at West Virginia University; the recording is made with a
PAL camera with a damaged sensor (laser work). The image is abject,
so much so that I find it difficult to watch; it encompasses
everything I fear in isolation, disembodiment, violence, death. And
it does this with a minimum of "action" or control. The ghosting
lies in the uncanny valley of the dialectic between voice and
image, between image and image-movement, between image-movement and
image-control. This is behind me and before me, this is "among" me.
It's also the relative absolute of puppetry, an inert object that
does nothing, expresses nothing, but the caress of deconstruction,
dismantling of non-existent power.

The starry entrance is the protectorate, the guardian to nothing
but the future perfect of annihilation. We're all gone in these
worlds of power, despair, control, acquiescence, resistance. We're
all gone, anyway.

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