[NetBehaviour] Wryteout

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 18 03:06:32 CET 2019


https://youtu.be/i-fmbcMcBB8 VIDEO

because i couldn't stand it any longer
because i had no place to go
because the world's too cluttered as it is
it was time to move on
it was time to become someone someone else
a time of becoming not being
a time of not being becoming
so i annihilated to the limit
i did this by writing
i did this by the performative
as in a binding oath or swearing
as in a chant or spell which already is true
as true as this sky is blue and the world is grey
because i couldn't care less
living in a windowless concrete fortress
the spells took care of everything
writing not speaking oh everyone understands me
so i did this and returned everything in the grey
in the grey cold in the frigid air these lifeless worlds
these emptied worlds these shadows
these shadows of nothing these shadows of concrete death
these shadows of collapsing biomes
these shadows of almost everything alive and dead death
these sourceless shadows shadows without darkness or light
shadows without boundaries shadows among shadows
murmurations and clusters of shadows flocks of shadow
shadows because i couldn't stand it any longer
shadows because i couldn't stand anything at all
(oh i am of the already disappearing already disappeared
(oh i am already gone

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