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What a brilliant idea, Hats off to you, Amnesia 🙌

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> Amnesia is a network of free radios, web sites and itinerant radio
> experiences that believe in access to media production and content
> dissemination as a tool to achieve the fundamental rights of life in
> society, especially for indigenous and original communities.
> We aim to build a secure and private communication network for the
> thousands of indigenous communities and traditional people inside Brazilian
> territory, providing these communities with tools and training for private
> and secure communication. Furthermore, hosting platforms that can help to
> propagate local cultures, strongly characterized in their oral form since
> the pre-Columbian period in the Americas and during the later African
> diaspora miscegenation.
> http://radioamnesia.org/support-indigenous-communication-in-brazil/
> The Amnesia Network of Free Radios has been acting in indigenous and
> traditional communities in northeastern Brazil for eight years. Since 2015,
> Amnesia Network has also made its web servers available to host pages of
> different initiatives. The Network actions aim to promote communication and
> free information right as a guiding line for the efforts it hosts. All
> content produced and hosted is under open licenses. There are several
> hosted projects. They range from pages to broadcast the audio material
> provided on Network’s radios and training workshops, to community band
> music pages; from web games platforms on Afro-Brazilian religions to
> audiovisual cartography of traditional midwives from the coastal zone.
> Nowadays, the physical integrity of Brazil’s indigenous communities and
> traditional people and their rights over ancestral lands and natural
> resources are in constant threat. Murders and ethnic intolerance conflicts
> happen all over the territory. Besides, the communication infrastructure
> used today by those communities belongs to large media corporations such as
> Facebook and Google, portraiting severe risks to the privacy, preservation
> and security of native communities’ information. It is essential to notice
> that these communities are in constant conflict with land invaders, mining
> companies, large tourism groups, governments and law enforcement agencies.
> Given the Brazilian political scenario of repression against indigenous
> people and traditional communities, it is necessary to expand both our
> education and communication actions to achieve privacy and security.
> Amnesia contributes to the physical and legal safety and integrity of
> indigenous populations in these communities, by teaching tools, uses and
> procedures for secure and private communication. By making available the
> record of these learning processes, it also contributes to the future
> development of other indigenous leaders on the subject. Finally, by
> expanding its partners’ web platforms, Amnesia Network also expands its
> chain of potential contributors and tends to increase the number of
> donations received to maintain our systems.
> Thanks you a lot!
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