[NetBehaviour] Chatlog, cellphone (outsourcing?), neoliberal cut-and-paste*

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Nov 19 03:35:23 CET 2019

Chatlog, cellphone (outsourcing?), neoliberal cut-and-paste*

(London Science Museum)

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DATE/TIME: 2019-11-16 22:49:33
Your chat transcript:
XXXXX : We received your information and will connect you with a
Chat Specialist soon
Cynthia. : Thanks for contacting XXXXX. I am happy to help you
Only provide credit card information in a secure form sent by your
Cynthia. : Hello!
You : Hello. We cannot make or receive calls on our device at
You : We can get voicemail text and wifi.
Cynthia. :
Thank you for reaching us about that right away! Since you have me
love to help you out today with figuring what happened.
Cynthia. : Will it be only for ----?
You : Yes.
You : are you there?
Cynthia. : Got it!
Cynthia. : Yes, I am here!
Cynthia. : Great thing that you are getting texts, may I know how
for data services?
You : fine.
You : it's not great. we can't make calls or receive calls.
Cynthia. : That's good news! This only means seervices are fine. Now
may need some refreshing and updating to do. Let me work it out on my
end first
then we may provision it on your phone and do some steps too
Cynthia. : one moment.
You : ok
Cynthia. : Thank you!
You : we did this before with someone who updated the phone and then
kicked us
off the chat. and the phone didn't work with the updating.
You : but we lost the chat as well.
Cynthia. : I see, have you tried resetting the network too with the
chat as before?
You : i think we did
You : can you do it at your end?
Cynthia. : Sure will do! However provisioning on our end is different
from the provisioning in your end because they work together and if I
here on our end, it needs to be updated too on yours to apply the
provisioning of the network. Let's work together and make sure the
device will
work at best again
You : ok
Cynthia. : Since you are using a computer now, and I have refreshed
active services. Kindly restart the device please?
You : do you mean turn it off and restart?
Cynthia. : You are right! Like turn it off then turn it on again.
You : ok
You : i turned it iff and am waiting for it to restart
Cynthia. : Thank you! Once on, we will need to do a network reset
Cynthia. : To reset:
1. From the home screen, tap Phone.
2. Dial ##jjjjjj#.
3. Tap YES.
4. Your device will restart and begin network activation.
5. Tap OK.
6. Network settings have been reset.
Cynthia. : Thank you for your cooperation on this.
You : i am trying it
Cynthia. : Thank you! Let me know how it goes
You : it says it is activating the device
Cynthia. : That's great!
Cynthia. : Once done, we need you to connect to wifi and update. To
1. From the home screen, swipe down the Status bar.
2. Tap the Settings icon.
3. Scroll to and tap System Updates.
4. Tap Update Profile.
5. Once the profile update is complete, tap OK.
6. The data profile is now up to date.

You : ok
You : it's configuring your device
Cynthia. : Perfect! I will be here for you. While we are working on
it and you have any other concerns that you wanted me to check feel
free to bring it up ok?
You : yes but it does seem to be hanging on "configuring your
Cynthia. : This may take awhile for it will refresh your network
You : now it says update is complete. should we try the phone?
You : Hello?
Cynthia. : Yay! Awesome!
Cynthia. : Yes please.
You : it's not working, it's not awesome. the phone is still not
ringing when it's called and it still can't call out.

Cynthia. : Hmm, since I have already also refreshed your active
services here on our end and tried to reset your network coverage
too..We have completed the Basic troubleshooting steps, I would
want you to move on with the advance ones. Since we could only
perform Basic troubleshooting, Allow me to reach out to our
Technical Support to help you better with your services ok?
You : ok
You : please tell them that everything works but the phone which
won't dial out and won't receive calls.
Cynthia. : Will definitely do! Iwill also be leaving special notes
on the account about this.
You : when will they get back to us?
Cynthia. : I will be connecting you over now to one of their best
agents, shall I proceed?
You : any agent will do. yes.
Cynthia. : Thank you! Please stay online.
You : thanx
Alan Sondheim : thanx
Alan Sondheim : we've been waiting now for over an hour, we don't
need tips,
Alan Sondheim : we don't need info on an order!!!
Alan Sondheim : ok
Alan Sondheim : i don't want tips. i just want a technician.
Alan Sondheim : ok
Alan Sondheim : ok
Alan Sondheim : ok
Alan Sondheim : ok
Katrina : I appreciate your patience while the chat was connected
to me.
Katrina : I just received your transfer. Please give me just a few
minutes to review the chat.
Alan Sondheim : ok
Katrina : I apologize for the long wait.
Alan Sondheim : thanks
Katrina : You're welcome.
Katrina : I have gone through the chat and I understand you are
experiencing issue with the services and we will get this sorted
over the same chat .
Katrina : We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have
Katrina : I will check all the details on the account and we will
get tihs resolved over teh same chat .
Katrina : this ** the **
Alan Sondheim : hi! I can't make calls out or receive calls.
Katrina : I am really sorry .
Katrina : I have accessed your account .
Alan Sondheim : ok
Katrina : Since how long you are experiencing this issue ?
Alan Sondheim : about 3-5 days.
Alan Sondheim : it worked partly for a few days and no it doesn't
work at all
Katrina : I am checking the services on this line .
Alan Sondheim : I have another phone here and the line seems fine.
Katrina : Thank you for the additional details .
Katrina : I can see that the services are working fine on line
number ----.
Katrina : I am running diagnose for this phone .
Alan Sondheim : should we turn the phone on?
Katrina : Please wait .
Katrina : Thank you for waiting.
Alan Sondheim : ok
Katrina : I can see that the phone sim is talking the network
commands .
Katrina : Please turn on the phone .
Alan Sondheim : doing that now
Katrina : Great !
Alan Sondheim : it's on
Katrina : Please wait for 3 minutes .
Alan Sondheim : ok
Alan Sondheim : should we keep the phone on or let it go to sleep?
Katrina : One last step .
Alan Sondheim : ok
Katrina : Please check the data roaming is enable ?
Katrina : You will get the option under settings < connectivity .
Alan Sondheim : do you want roaming on?
Alan Sondheim : roaming is off at the moment
Katrina : No please turn on the data roaming .
Alan Sondheim : data roaming is on, use roaming is off, should that
also be on?
Katrina : Yes , please turn on the roaming .
Alan Sondheim : done
Katrina : Perfect !
Katrina : Please turn on the airplane mode and keep the device on
mode for 2 minutes and turn it off .

Either cut and paste or pat answers or pre-recorded answers or...
Personal information deleted or modified.
(Company not given as well; we don't want to get anyone at the
call center in trouble.)

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