[NetBehaviour] Barbara Reise

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 20 06:10:02 CET 2019

Barbara Reise


I knew her in London. I think of her often. I didn't know her
well. Acerbic, brilliant, living the interiority of conceptual
and related work with uncanny exactitude. I visited her, if I
remember correctly, with Ian Murray, an artist I've known and
admired for years. She haunts me to this day. I remember the
whiteness of her flat, the Leonardo stairs which frightened me,
her wild driving. I feared her brilliance. This has just come to
me, salutations. Her archives now at the Tate.

Perhaps my memories veering off-course. Camden town, Kentish
town, I'm never sure. I remember weather, dark nights. Staying
somewhere around there, for something, speculation empties me.

(Azure and I in London, a few weeks ago. Something uncanny about
the mood and coloration of the image, bringing this to mind.)

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