[NetBehaviour] citta, path of righteousness, disappearance

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 20 22:08:20 CET 2019

citta, path of righteousness, disappearance

https://youtu.be/evsR86HBumQ VIDEO

path of righteousness in the wilderness

the desolate shores, the beautiful goal and
the presence of the world untrammeled

the refuge of righteousness, wheel unspoke

the multitudes of the lost, lost multitudes

the disappeared


"he prays every day for the nation to stay on
the path of righteousness and a sense of
righteous investigation. i will awaken with
any means of victory, is not only possible,
but honorable, righteous.

"he believed counted righteousness inherit
whereby heifer goat ram turtledove face,
pangs of the righteous in this world and the
tranquility for the righteous.

"we have gone on forever and somehow be
righteous, we thought of the righteous in
the future and of the wicked.

"for the righteous in the future, it is
written 'call me wanderer, call me
desecrated, call me seals.'

"and oh! to fight their masters. and oh! the
righteous fight. and oh! we will stay alive.



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