[NetBehaviour] Time

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 27 19:25:34 CET 2019



seert dna seiks dna slair eht ,swonk ti gnith eht sdneb enil chae
each line bends the thing it knows, the rails and skies and trees

of death. Hannibal's elephants haunt the Alps. Where nothing
skeletons, dust, death, hunger.:i forgot you jennifer landscape
my mother died, what happens in any death: dispersion past, bones,
auroras among deaths and births stars, i wait, this firsthand when
!devoR !Devor !Devour death-like SERIF!! doings await, horizons is
good, there are closeups autopsies on television closer it gets to
vectors wayward closet attachments parts news around here isn't
iris-maps continents seeps into - turning me Julu-Jennifer nodes
...ereh yrtsimehc ruoy si close (STDOUT); yM looks closely at eyes,
written. close. will be mind/mine, root directory. Then
noitatsurcne detnioj ynit sllaw srevoc noitcerruser

,yks ruoy ni nus eht fo noitisop tcaxe eht ,yad fo emit ruoy fo
of your time of day, the exact position of the sun in your sky,


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