[NetBehaviour] Happy Thanksgiving in a darker world!

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 28 18:59:32 CET 2019

Happy Thanksgiving in a darker world!


Surface tension, capillary action, developmental catastrophes
at the edge of a waterfall, about twenty-five images.

<image> http://www.alansondheim.org/P1070769.JPG
<VIDEO> https://youtu.be/JxYjIJuKAuI VIDEO
<image> http://www.alansondheim.org/P1070752.JPG

The video moves through all images, approximately 5 sec./image.
The shadows are the past history of the lip; the bright areas
are the current development. I've always been fascinated by
these phenomena in nature; they're common enough, but almost
literally take on a life of their own when captured. Captured,
never released: the image still the shape into the biological
phenomena of the dream. When I write about somatic ghosting and
its relation to the flesh, these also come to mind, the dream
of the flesh/flash haunting the fast-forward world which, under
normal circumstances, never reveals itself to it. Watch the
video to the end; the fine-structure of the phenomena needs
time to reveal itself. This particular waterfall is part of an
antique millrace in Seekonk, Mass.; the original images are far
more detailed.

Perhaps the phenomena of dreaming, hoping, fearing, appear as
similar revelations, much as tinnitus is the self-organizing of
part of the nervous-system. under the duress of silence. In any
case, these particular images reveal a world of incandescent
beauty, one of higher and lower knowledges.

" In mathematics and physics, a soliton or solitary wave is a
self-reinforcing wave packet that maintains its shape while it
propagates at a constant velocity. Solitons are caused by a
cancellation of nonlinear and dispersive effects in the medium.
(The term "dispersive effects" refers to a property of certain
systems where the speed of the waves varies according to
frequency.) Solitons are the solutions of a widespread class of
weakly nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations
describing physical systems. " - Wikipedia

Bad science of solitons = dreams, tinnitus, living creatures in
froth and foam, incandescent sensory phenomena.

Hypnagogic images, I see these, sense these, on the way to
sleep, something about origins, surely delusion, but surfaces,
beneath or within surfaces, perhaps, already gone. As if our
lived time doesn't register here, our vision, our longevity or
short, shortened lives. Preposterous intervals, invisible but
suffocating ignorance. Breathing, I can't breathe.

Dawn gone, done.

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