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It's definitely a discussion we need to have. It reminds me of a dinner I
had years ago w/ Cage who confirmed he criticized jazz because the player
worked with fixed rhythms. Something gets lost in these discussions; Adorno
fails miserably.
Ah well... It relates to my writing about 'somatic ghosting' I think. And I
always feel I have to justify myself (although the audience doesn't feel
it) when I show up playing an acoustic guitar for example. -- Alan

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 1:06 PM Rob Myers <rob at robmyers.org> wrote:

> On 2019-11-27 7:40 p.m., Alan Sondheim wrote:
> >> This sounds so white/privileged to me, the position
> > of the listener paramount for example, the relegation of community to
> > reproduction, etc. It's a form of hip effacement. I realize I haven't
> > read everything HH's has written, but there's a fundamental difference
> > between a drum machine and a "great drummer" who came from community,
> > breathes within community, and contributes to community. Thinking for
> > example of free jazz, and the difficulties and explorations of the great
> > players, the relation of that music to the cry, the field holler, the
> > blues, gospel musics, etc.
> I think HH would agree with you.
> > and I keep returning to white white white white white and privilege.
> There is something class-bound about Grimes (currently dating a
> billionaire) and HH (whose last album was their PhD thesis) arguing
> about who the future will be worse for. But I suspect that our own
> reactions can be similarly reduced to our respective identities.
> There's obviously a bigger historical discussion about race, technology,
> intellectual property and music that AI and "AI" are just the latest
> phase of. Drum machines being prominent in rap and techno and disdain
> for them as tools may be related, for example. Given this, I'm genuinely
> surprised that AI has been instantly mainstreamed in music in the way
> that it seems to have. More like the Fairlight than the 808...
> - Rob.


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