[NetBehaviour] Openings, Nowhere, Everywhere

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 29 21:53:00 CET 2019

Openings, Nowhere, Everywhere

http://www.alansondheim.org/P1070857.JPG Caratunk
http://www.alansondheim.org/qinmod.mp3 , qin, postproduction

is he in
he is in
is he up
he is up
do go on
I do go on
is it so
it is so
is it on
it is on
is it in
it is in

is he to go he is to go
am i to go i am to go
is it by us it is by us
if he is in go up to it
we go to it he is by me
so he is up so I am up

She fed the old hen The hen was fed by her See how the hen can run
I met him in the lot The cow was in the lot See how hot the sun is
It is hot to day See the dog run to me She has a new hat
She put her hat on the bed Did you get my hat
I did not get the hat My hat is on the peg
She may go and get my hat I will go and see the man
He sits on a tin-box.

A new tab cap I hid it in the box A cob web Put on his new bib
He has got a new tub Do not go in the mob He is not a bad boy
She can rub off the dust The lad has a new pen
She put my cap in the tub He saw a mad dog He has a new red cap
She led him to bed I can do as I am bid.

Ann can hem my cap It is on my lap She has a new fan
I will get a new map He hid in his den A bat can fly
The pig is in his pen A cat can eat a rat I see ten men
I met the boy He had a gun He sat on my box I saw him run
Now the sun is set The map is wet I met six men to day
She will sit by me Ten men sat by me He has cut my pen
I put the pin on my tin box I had a nut to eat
Can you fix my hat Let him get the tax.

The wind will drive the dust in our eyes.
Boys love to rob the nests of birds.
Let us rest on the bed, and sleep, if we can.
Tin and brass will rust, when the air is damp.

An epicure is one who indulges his appetite to excess,
and is fond of delicacies.
Alcohol is spirit highly refined by distillation.
Despotism is tyranny or oppressive government.
The despotism of government can often be overthrown;
but for the despotism of fashion, there is no remedy.

A deponent is one who makes oath to any thing.
A viceregent is one who acts or governs in place of an other.
A proboscis is a long member from the mouth or jaw.
An ellipsis is an omission of a word.
Amercement is a penalty imposed for a wrong done,
not a fixed fine, but at the mercy of the court.
A synopsis is a collective view of things.
Refulgent is applied to things that shine.
A contingent event is that which happens, or which is not
expected in the common course of things.

Ardent spirits stimulate the system for a time,
but leave it more languid.

Fiction is a creature of the imagination.

(from The Elementary Spelling Book, Noah Webster, 1829)



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