[NetBehaviour] The Names of One to One Billion

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 30 15:58:12 CET 2019

The Names of One to One Billion


I have finally succeeded, memorizing the names of all the numbers
from one to one billion.

Most of us have a vocabulary, perhaps, of one-hundred-thousand
words; I have increased this drastically.

Here is one such name (as proof): "Three-hundred-and-ninety-six-

There are many more. And this has been my life's work. And now I
have finished and I can leave this place.

--- ---

Sometimes I think in reverse:

!dlrow eht ni sekoj dab eht lla gnoma ,siht "eno yb eno" "one by
one" "standard input" "tupni dradnats" "what on earth were you
thinking? ? ? ?eno yb eno ?gnikniht uoy erew htrae no tahw" a a all
already forgetting the purpose of this or any other exercise
ambling beyond conceivable create diffidence dnoyeb do you
ecnediffid elbaresim elbaviecnoc entities esicrexe rehto yna ro
siht fo esoprup eht gnittegrof ydaerla etaerc gnilbma hardly htiw
inextricably lla miserable one by one? redro eht no siht seititne
this on the order this, among all the bad jokes in the world! uoy
od with ylbacirtxeni yldrah

I live in immensity.


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