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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 8 06:17:33 CEST 2019

two issues

http://www.alansondheim.org/P1050457.JPG Extinction Rebellion

(i recognize the slapdash nonsense of just a few words and their
aphoristic lack in the matters described below; these things,
concepts, processes, have been in the back of my mind for some
time now, and resonate with the work i'm currently doing, to the
extent it might be relevant to give them a mention.)

1 poetry as first or second person - stemming from the body, from
the voice; prose as third person (no matter the textual person-
persona), stemming from the world.

think of an AI writing, constructing, a  poetry of desperation:

"i am dying within the sufferance of the cry for life,
of the cry of the wounded and the denouement of strife"

- for example - and how this would relate to the body - of course -
reading through the text, thinking of somatic ghosting, the ghost
body, the flesh body, the fluid body, within the writing (not even
text but _the writing of_) - and how this becomes a constructed
carapace within AI - so of not the body but of an broken or equally
constructed empathy - in other words a product and a network for
that product. so back into poetry/poetics as body, what that tells
us - not a romanticism, but a 'usual, an everyday, realism.'

2 Somatic ghosting as disappearance - what happens with absolute
extinctions, with "nothing will save us," that is, any particular
species, biome, ecosystem, family, town, nation, continent. what i
learned in relation to this, observing the Aletsch glacier in the
Alps, directly in relation to a late 19th-century fold-out of the
same in a Baedecker's. how much enormous had already been lost. not
the ghost of the former glacier, but a ghost we've constructed, a
ghost that looms from so much trivia (in a sense) - for example,
the striated walls of the valley so much higher, scars and debris
left by the moraine -

so think again of this and the looming and absolute catastrophe
of natural extinctions, poisons, wars, genocides, scorched earths,
annihilations of histories, trashed oceans, mass die-offs, whole
classes of animals on the verge of disappearancee (birds, mammals,
insects, for example), whole cultures and their remnants perhaps
the same - the earth becoming largely uninhabitable, the enclaving
of the rich -

we have no term for this, no way to deal with an absolute, brutal,
and universal (fore)closure - for no amount of small-scale effort
will change this, and the strongman planet is not about to cave
under - without replacement by strongmen under the natural order of
things as we know it is emptied out -

we stand in other words always already in a state of annihilation,
and that is the condition that interests me, that has always
interested me - that is the state which provides a framework or
parergon, not to dying, but to the condition towards the totality
of annihilation as a precursor or inscription - not gothic, but the
idiocy of the real -

what we can do? how do we inhabit the negative and the negative
absolute? what we can produce? and why? in the face of an absolute
indifference akin to stasis, death, a _state,_ not a process, of
annihilation? An almost certain, uninhabitable, state in a near


< the two issues
> the two issues come to mind
< carapace within AI - so of not the body but of an broken or equally
> carapace within AI - so not of the body but of a broken or equally
> - flesh for example, writing flesh, interiority of pain or pleasure
> writing within _this_ body of _this_ body, and the reader likewise,
> of a similar body - so not word choice, but choice after the
> (somatic) fact or failure -
> - then as related, resonant -


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