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I like floppy disks too!  I have all my old ones saved and am shopping for an external floppy drive.  Low-cost and less stress.  🙂

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Apologies for cross-posting!

Hi there,

Floppy Totaal: Double Density<http://varia.zone/en/floppy-totaal-DD.html> is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited. On Saturday, the 19th of October Floppy Totaal<http://www.floppytotaal.org/> will present a special double program at Varia<https://varia.zone/en/> (Gouwstraat 3, 3082BA Rotterdam), packed to the brim with contemporary floppy culture of all sorts and shapes.

Starting at 14:00, there will be a free live recording and publishing workshop by Floppy Kick Records<http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/>. The subsequent evening program, which has an entry fee of 5 euro's, comprises performances by Kisszántó<https://kisszanto.bandcamp.com/> and Eoforwine<https://eoforwine.bandcamp.com/>, presentations and conversations with Joak<https://joak.nospace.at/> and Jason Scott<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Scott> and a long distance video contribution by Michael Ridge<https://michaelridge.wordpress.com/>.

The emphasis of this evening lies on the concept of the floppy disk as comfort food in a "future/present shocked" digital age. In what way does working with floppy disks help us cope in a time preoccupied with "new" media and planned obsolescence? Does the floppy disk hold more content than just 1,44 MB of data? Join us to find out!

With love,

Floppy Totaal
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