[NetBehaviour] raptor 04

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Oct 27 12:52:59 CET 2019

raptor 04

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i carried my chills and fever symptoms to london
i carried them back
i forgot where they came from
i forgot where they're going
my lungs are wet with imagination and viceroys
my mind is borne with torpor and intensity
the qifteli registers the octave strings and harmonies
the torque of the hegelung registers simultaneity
somewhere a door opens and another closes
somewhere a transom twists and turns in the wind
i hear nothing behind my back and nothing before me
fear of musketry to the left and the right of me
my old limbs are my belongings
my young limbs are my darts of iridescent scales
every moment is the last moment
and every moment is the last moment
small town stores and fields of dust and refugees
tell me is this that and is that this
outside it is true there is screaming
outside tongues and mouths are screaming
the soles of the feet rest on mediated grounds
outside and just beneath the ledge or lip of the transom
inside and just above the ledge or lip of the threshold
o for the remnants of the day
o for your raiment of the finest
my finest are your carriers and your scars
o refusals o supine o the last remaining one

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