[NetBehaviour] The Burrow online exhibition

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Oct 31 18:00:18 CET 2019

The Burrow is a pavilion of https://thewrong.org biennial curated by Aad
Bjrkro. Now open at https://h.aard.work, the exhibition includes 25 works
by 27 participating artists, and will run until Mar 1 2020.

Envisioning the internet as myriads of intertwining underground tunnels;
where places of refuge coincide with the secret bases of those must be
hidden from. Emerged in the tunnels we tried to listen to those who must
never speak, look for things we had lost and spy on the spies spying on
us. For display we gathered relics from our past, expansions of the
hidden, connections to the elsewhere and lessons for the future. Now we
gladly invite you to see what we have found.

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