[NetBehaviour] somatic ghosting thought, "stromatolite xv"

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somatic ghosting thought, "stromatolite xv"

distillation of text, conglomerate


interrelated biomes of
audio/video/images/texts/real/virtual/altered mocap/
projections/mappings/codeworkings/performances' examples,
counter-examples, everything for the audience to construct a
scaffolding meaning/nonsense/examples/counterexamples/
annihilations/catastrophic constructions, from resulting
conglomerates - next: get bio information on Gray Barker Elements
show: . Armandhand -- have this a. purecircuit. b. purecircuit
Suicide and stills suicide Asteroids also cloudchamber. Birthbaby
clari. clari Crimp s relation scale issues along with doublecrimp.
Edicacaran firstface. -have video floodwall here, etc. topologies,
histories nostalgia --- in d modeling Roger Williams sachem
markings (rw directory) Montreal crutches, images Meiji book
NJITFINALS material thru ---- West Virginia MVC images, wvus., vel
azureleg. azuresit. silentdrive lightning anomalies, signals?
sologreenwich humansmoke blizzarda extracts. = blizzard/whiteout
Jerky Moves Biopeople jerky. Pieces dealing destruction theaters
fast-forward transformation landscape Willing AR pieces Beginning
emanated text somatic ghosting There are number anomalies created
MacGrid OpenSim localhost (virtual world my computer). The piece is
one I've discussed before appearance virtual object that was
unexpected. other possesses an which "emanation" produced by
software itself another base object; emanation distorted. I think
these as production objects, bodies, space neither result "real
body" elsewhere mapped into nor imitative portraying desired
object. They might be considered dynamic glitches take life their
own real life, but something else ghosting, where original either
non-existent, "broken" world. What characteristis ghosting? May
digital analog; if latter, see th-th cent. mediums 'ghost' here
there. If former, there different forms representation: simply
presenting image body, section 'slice' body; deliberately modulated
body-image inextricably entwined between analog (access grid); c.
transformed change single pixel immediately, classical truth
tables, verification procedures, etc., thrown out window; d. false
representation presaged work Grey Barker; e. Metaphorically,
'dirty' categories abjection sleazy tawdry diffuse boundaries,
epistemes, murkiness, looming, uncanny valleys f. constitutes level
closures representations originals? And such characteristic our
era, related fake news, rumors on- off-line, avatars, constructed
sexualities, so forth both projections (through media intimacy)
introjections imaginary internal phenomenology body) words,
ontological stew incapable being unraveled, thought truth. access
grid another, unconcrete example, what projected circles planet
sheaves always move, never stable, trail theoretically infinite,
incandescent, disappearing noise, trails noise voice following suit
entire package move. So somatic, body clearly _the_ movement,
reading problematic diegesis sheaves, all sorts processes
identification at they're not digital, carrier, limiter, raster.
asteroid well hardened positioning interiors, singularities, off
carapaces, introjection projection Where facticity, this? All occur
ill-defined fuzzy like part-objects, memories form slow-motion
splatter semiotics One can ontology disappears, fabrics categories,
'buzzing confusion world' plane inconceivably complex forces
weathers, turbulence, momentary stases, camera capturing nothing
now we're more less unstable ground, inadequate grounding (whatever
format) stay somewhere what, example " talking uneasy word emanants
comes from. ""Issuing flowing forth; emanating; passing act, making
apparent effect; said mental acts; as, emanant volition."" (from
dict) sourceless targetless Serres' parasites occupying
mid-positions no longer vectors, n-dimensional manifolds dim > I'm
getting can't gotten-at. +++---+++ Showing asteroids, suicide,
accessgrid armwave, macgrid anomaly, maybe ar sexuality?, NJIT,
sonic gap lightning?, FSF, LIMIT/live supercollider, Bring play
refugee? */remove section/*
ghostings corner eye, just beyong hearing's range, sensed perhaps
movement formlessness dissipation /// full desire, replete, fecund,
absence ghosting: when uncanny, there, neti it's obdurate,
relationship, present, absent presence, presence order it exists,
spreads time, (multivariate, infinitesimal) simultaneously
everywhere everywhen, boundaries libidinal, afterthoughts,
coagulations what's missing intensive dematerialization high- speed
discardable were withdrawal Rosset 'idiotic' analysis inadequate,
morass. thinking, holarchic structures fraying ends, continuously
morphing thinking work, sentience everyone, everywhere, sensate
apparatus ghost, tendrils, left behind, other, un- , a- non- an-
rims, nubs, hollows, hollers, weavings, skeins, imaginaries, (in
copula, non-existence, existence, we language would none it, it)
oooooooooooooooooooooooo beneath .nubs,
"The edgespace uneasy, tottering, catastrophic; "nervous",
"wandering", "HAPPY", "uneasy", "happy", "spry", "florid", "edgy",
"poor", "loose", "surrounds", "amuses", "taut", "small", "sexy",
"soft", desire trace "soiled", } turning "wanton",
"contrary",:"nervous", "ill", 'dis/eased' philosophies, deathing
worlds. i (I'd place dreams slabs bodies ruffled edges, *Tiffany*
It's difference signifies correlations.
bring those destructions worlds/avatars machinations? faces static
anomaly matrix redux creature generated shuddering contribution
talk transforming face second caught guard, occurring occurrence,
event, happening against one's someone eventing retain property
haunting, unassimilated suspended outer reaches already gone, they
_were_ null originations hole, however, episteme broken screen
simulacrum structure. clutter, isolated. Defining becomes
imaginary, broken, emission itself, arc flooding, air-conditioner,
ripped-up flooring, lack it. Before banners bitter, barren, bound,
blind. Then aggression; sado-masochism, reified, bounded. does mean
your connections? mean, grammar? Feel rush flood tribal peoples,
communities. Boundaries only present fragmented, sutured closed.
arises, watches porn. **Your fault** jennifer says: **exhaustion
broken.** Ken pointed present-presencing, stopped speech. **Copy
that.** Sememes function closed; reality, piecemeal, broken.
corrupts imaginary. {Sememes broken.} same case fragments rock,
chips wood, fractured cliffs, oddities. These break well, appearing
analog, ephemeral, real. {Anything useless topologies connecting
fallen twigs, abject summers, cooling seas, populations.}
Similarity Scale skeins geometries there's "there there," origins
Issues Qualitative Consistency Across Magnifications Absence
Phenomena Way Down Equivalences Enlargements Skein Shifts Symptoms
Digital Riding Same Horse Articles Manufacture A Universe Emptied
Fundamental Levels Quantitative As Evidence Armchair Detective
Constructed Surface Not Depths NOT Knot within Potential Well Wall
Suffice flatness scales, interiority signifier falsification rather
construction image/imaginary "pure circuit pure loop" local arm
hand "impure circuit, impure space, vector field; prosthetic speaks
skin, circulation planet. love expulsion agency this, shell agency,
bouquet. again WVU VEL, thanks Frances Van Scoy, Sandy Baldwin,
Gary Manes, Azure Carter. welcome network process dissolution.
again, signals sent around nodes, planetary orbits." But wasn't
dissolution; absent, wormhole (but course black hole). Matrix Piece
ontology, up closure, system geometries, change, Produce live?
Video? Ongoing? how relate There's room ghosts second-order flat.
In spite AI, Life games, dead microbiome maelstrom below two
earlier works descriptions: sending examples still breath away.
WHERE IS Pure Circuit Access Grid, minimum -computer
multi-audio/video/location large-scale Internet- conference
application decade ago. able bounce world, picking path;
experiments presented carried emanations shape-riding streams,
embedded adjacent fundamentally alien (which is) some quotes order:
"the allows multiple cameras microphones location connect location.
designed invisible walls classroom use. used VEL ways; involved
bouncing audio/video signal back lab Morgantown. using feedback,
i.e. mics aimed receiving monitor, create closed circuits loops
morgantown various sites, including New South Wales, Australia.
usual feedback occurred, delay occasioned each layer looping globe.
azure carter subject most part, sound site motion; experiment btw
computers well), waving proof concept. delays color shifts voyage.
procedure reminded older email bangpaths allowed send anywhere
specified nodes." originality could claim use present/ presencing
almost punk register piece, continue through. because us thickening
call lifespan that's dependent permeability world's fabric." "this
quote letter Dylan Thomas Pamela Hansford Johnson, October relevant
think: 'I fail emphasizing can, any way, regarded hideous.
appearance, death, diseases, sure fact tree. It has roots earth
greatest description "earthiness" found John Donne's Devotions, he
describes man earth, his hair wild shrub growing land. thoughts
actions emanate body. Therefore action however abstruse may beaten
home bringing physical level. Every idea, intuitive intellectual,
imaged translated terms flesh, blood, sinews, veins, glands,
organs, cells, senses.' (p.  Notebooks Thomas, ed. Ralph Maud.)"
gendering problem course, consider emanant, effluvia, avatar
dissipating rootedness, relates immersed grid, imagine/imaginary
traversing i, we, stop here. & around/above atmospheric channeling
(relates VLF radio, antipodal channeling, etc.) continued
emanation, hence mix ontologies ( )
::  Cybermind Subject: Re: London ICA "Somatic Ghosting" Thank
much, re: below, interspersing comments On Wed, Jerry Everard
wrote: few ... *" and/or * *world.*" seems way look untrace-able,
part mediated. Moreover, search miss point, journey. pilgrimage
way. symptom journey ? artefact, soma. Lots unpack considering
streams every direction. things enveloped, internalized, idea
"looming" sense (the borrowed Baldwin), "things" needs
deconstruction "sea" image, temporary vortices, chaos, noise/fake
news ?the Glitch? exceeds signal, then silence strategy opposition.
Yet state State, enables status quo. amid chaosm (chaos/chasm)
clarity despite sounds leadership authority obeyed. This action,
(even self-detrimental), preferable inaction. indicated Democrats,
down. That's wrote high-speed appears beginning end, continuous
"tweet-storms" without takes, holds. realpolitik, occurs elsewhere,
realm inchoate.- reply Amid miasma, dark shape wielding scythe
looks place, island SomeThing undifferentiated fog confusion. Show
Way, Master, Blame Other Abject, find ourselves
solace/divided/ruled. Let Pay. Pay teh Wall, tariffs, misdeeds
Other, did upon ourselves? pretend punish knowledge ourselves.
self-flagellant economy. We pain, let apply Surplice, borne
phantasm terrible. isn't happens; politics absolutism, religious
intent nature, classical, Boolean (i.e. fuzzy, intuitionist, T/F.
logic thinking/about ISIS absolute side (now excellent Rwanda,
similar affairs, think). here's interesting inchoate, splatter,
begins deliberate (just beyond flurry news/misinformation/bullying
online, active agents, singularities fanning out) contradictory
stories "highest levels" mythos surround levels Aktion enclaves
neoliberalism, Mike Davis years Dr Author: "Virtual States:
Internet Nation-State" (London:Routledge) Some essays.

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