[NetBehaviour] Upstairs and the "Sun"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 11 01:08:07 CEST 2019

Upstairs and the "Sun"

  guitar pushed to the limit - use earphones, large speakers

Ok, my thesis is that all stairs are upstairs. If there was
something else going on, you'd have the word "downstairs" as well,
and that's ridiculous.

Let's say you're "going down the stairs." And you think, you need a
word for that! But turn around - not only are the stairs "behind"
you all upstairs, but the number of stairs upstairs increases as
you go "down the stairs." Try it and see!

"Well, what about the sewer," you say. I say, "Start walking down
into the sewer. Do you really like it there? Of course not! Turn
around - again, you can go upstairs! Because that's the way the
stairs go!"

You say, "The stairs don't go anywhere! They're still there! Stop
staring!" To which I can only reply, "Of course they do! Just try
this - go upstairs (from the sewer)! Turn around! There are more
and more of them below you! They're trying to get upstairs too! Who
really wants to live in the sewer?" You say, "They're not moving!"
To which I say, "Of course they are, take one more step upstairs.
Go upstairs!" And THEN you notice and say, "Of course you're right!
They're all below, trying to go upstairs!" I reply, "Don't upset
them! They'll take awhile."

It's morning! The day shines everywhere, reflecting and making a
bright spot in the sky.

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