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Interesting and fun links Rob!  Your name sounds familiar but I'm old now and can't remember names for diddly.  🙂

I general don't click on links in emails, due to malware and all that.  Do other people click on them?  It reminds me of the old days.  So instead I internet search using phrases.  But that's a lot of articles to read!  Didn't read all.

Random comments:

  *   Unbuyable and unsellable value:  Adam Smith said that without moral judgment, capitalism cannot function.  (Subreference Norbert Wiener paraphrase: learning machines can do any repetitive task better than humans, except moral judgment.)
  *   Group novel-writing: Calvino said the novel is a network, and that each person is a network.  "Novel" derives from "new," meaning, a new genre -- longer-form non-factual text meant to articulate a specific take on "the all" or most of it.  (See Six Memos on the novel of everything, universal novel, map of everything, universal map, etc.  Novel as network, universe as network, Bohm's implicit order and dialogue or "information flow" as creative, Smolin's ensemble theory via Einstein.)
  *   Satirical news being thought real -- factuality vs. map-consonant data, does the fact or the fiction function in the network in which it appears?
  *   AI to write novels: intelligence is network (Olaf Sporns), consciousness is network, novel is consciousness, AI is not conscious, AI cannot write a novel ipso facto.
  *   On mindfulness: it can be viewed in many ways, but the neuroscience is pretty straightforward.  It has a role in brain networks.  For example, the practice of mindfulness has a time-delayed impact on the Default Mode Network, which is mainly a resting-state network, but DMN also has a role in active-state networks relating to self and social locating/mapping (Sporns 2011).
  *   There is such a thing as fake mindfulness, McMindfulness as the article says.  Is all mindfulness fake or a cover-up, or as it is sometimes called, "sham mindfulness"?  This is a real debate but not so simple.  Mindfulness has a real role in brain function, and hence in artistic expression and perception as well as neuroplasticity.  Is it a panacea, no, but is it important?  Maybe.  One could argue that network consciousness is not possible without mindfulness as a modulation factor.
  *   Mindfulness is a thing in the UK Parliament.  Is that therefore partisan?  Indigenous and ancient cultures often practice mindfulness in a vast diversity of ways; is that aspect of them invalid?
  *   Distributed model of intelligence, Bohm's "participatory thought," "thought as a system," etc.

Many apologies if I am seeing a counter-argument where there is not one or inventing disputes that are not helpful.  Free exchange of ideas and observations can be very productive, so if this is that thanks, and I admit I may be very wrong on all topics, but as a Bohmian detachment dialogue action, there might be some aspects other than error, I mean, what really is error anyway?  Non-factuality?  Maybe aesthetics can be real in a sense even if they are not factual, so for example Santa Claus is factual in a sense.

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"Would You Buy a Performance?" -


"There Are No Magic Words That You Can Post to Change Instagram’s Terms
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"Too Many People Think Satirical News Is Real" -


"Can You Write a Novel as a Group?" -


"How I’m using AI to write my next novel" -


writeup.ai -


GPT-2 less dangerous than thought? -


"Human-guided burrito bots raise questions about the future of
robo-delivery" -


"Bitcoin Is Using Less Energy Despite Record Hash Rate, New Data Shows" -


"Privacy Advocates Slam a UK Museum for Using Facial-Recognition
Surveillance at Its Terracotta Warriors Show" -


"These Nigerian Teens Are Making Sci-Fi Shorts with Slick Visual Effects" -


"...And so began the eternal crisis of photogenicity." -


"How mindfulness privatised a social problem" -


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