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Hi Max
Yes, this is a fascinating subject, and relates to a whole lot of things
that are relevant now.
Great to hear such enthusiasm : )


On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 6:09 PM Max Herman <maxnmherman at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Jake,
> I like the divinatory idea and agree it relates to computation and
> Artificial Intelligence by way of algorithms.  Also relevant to Aesthetic
> Intelligence and Natural Intelligence, if those are things, which I think
> they are.  Divination also includes very interesting associations to
> Buddhism, which Liebniz studied and processed in part via the I Ching.
> Tarot applies, and helps form a circle with Eliot's "The Waste Land."
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching%27s_influence#/media/File:Diagram_of_I_Ching_hexagrams_owned_by_Gottfried_Wilhelm_Leibniz,_1701.jpg
> (internet search reference "liebniz i ching wikipedia.")
> James Austin's first book, 1979's *Chase, Chance, and Creativity* is very
> interesting on randomness and spontaneous insight arriving in
> non-determinative contexts which contain non-determinative but sufficiently
> consistent and germane elements.  (Austin's well-known 1998 work *Zen and
> the Brain* was pivotal in the neuroscientific study of meditation and
> mindfulness, which now even Parliament has taken up as a priority.)  David
> Bohm's *On Dialogue* also discusses how non-determinative information
> flows in network settings can yield spontaneous insights and
> information-creation.  Both sound a lot like art, consciousness, and
> intelligence to me, and pre-eminent resources for planetary sustainability
> and restoration.
> The events sound fascinating, thanks for sharing!
> Max
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> Making
> Hi
> Access Space has two events coming up next week, Pseudo Random, a workshop
> on Tuesday (£5 a place)
> led by artist Hestia Peppe who will take you on a journey through
> divinatory reading and making, and on Friday,
> the opening of On The Surface Of Things, an art exhibition with 24
> contributing artists with the themes of the
> environment and climate emergency, together with a large scale film
> projection on the front of Access Space's
> building showing the film work of 17 international artists.
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Pseudo-Random
> Divinatory reading and making: a neurodivergent workshop
> with our Artist in Residence, Hestia Peppe
> Exploring divinatory, oracular and speculative approaches to reading and
> making in relation to neurodiversity.
> Tuesday 17th September, 12 noon-5pm at Access Space.
> Divination is the name given to the ways in which people have, throughout
> history, sought answers to questions
> for which they otherwise unable to determine an answer.
> Common forms of divination are pendulum dowsing, tarot card reading, palm
> reading, and the I Ching.
> Artists, writers, readers, and makers are invited to come together to
> explore the potential of working with the mistakes,
> troubles, and mysteries of process rather than against them. We will
> examine ideas such as debugging, hacking and
> self diagnosis in relation to divination.
> Hestia Peppé is a neuro-atypical artist, researcher and writer, working on
> a PhD concerned with divination as an
> expanded practice of speculative reading, at Sheffield Hallam University.
> In July this year she was Access Space
> Artist in Residence.
> This afternoon workshop will introduce the ancient and resurgent practice
> of divination in relation to the computational
> application of pseudo-randomness in contemporary technology. Together we
> will try out some divinatory gestures
> and methods and investigate what can open up in process whenwe do not
> attach significance to outcomes or mastery.
> We will consider the challenges presented by divination to goal directed
> assumptions about making in relation to the
> emerging paradigm of neurodiversity, which through the self-diagnosis and
> self-advocacy of neuro-atypical people
> seeks to understand and support 'all kinds of minds'.
> Neurodiversity is understood to be intersectional with existing movements
> in disability,decolonisation, anti-racism,
> anti-fascism, feminism, climate justice, and LGBTQIA and worker solidarity.
> Workshop places are £5
> Book a place here:
> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pseudo-random-divinatory-reading-and-making-a-neurodivergent-workshop-tickets-71539507593
> Info: jake at access-space.org
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> On The Surface Of Things
> This exhibition is the first of a series of events at Access Space over
> the coming year which invite artists to respond to
> the extraordinary contemporary circumstances.
> On The Surface Of Things is an exhibition of artworks that relate to our
> environment, either through our dependency
> on it, our relationship to it, our interactions with it, or our
> experiences of it. It is an action affiliated with
> Extinction Rebellion Sheffield, in response to the declaration from
> Sheffield City Council of a climate emergency.
> https://access-space.org/portfolio/on-the-surface-of-things/
> Exhibition Opening Event - Friday 20th September 2019, 7-10pm
> With large scale film projection on the front exterior of our building.
> Short films by:
> AsproZingel, Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Joshua Evan & Antonis Sideras,
> Alessandro Carboni, Lorraine Clewlow, Matteo Zamagn,
> alittlepieceofland.org.uk, Dan Shipsides, Andrew Payne,
> Eva Rudlinger, D-Fuse, Nichola Rodgers, Richard Bond,
> Isabella Martin, Amy Wilson.
> Exhibition Open 21st Sept to 4th Oct (Tue-Sat) 11am-6pm
> Exhibiting artists:
> alittlepieceofland.org.uk,
> Krishna Alageswaran, Lizzie Alageswaran,
> Annie Anthony-Mays, Anthony Bennett,
> John Brokenshire, Daniel Bustamente,
> Stephen Carley, Claire Jane Carter,
> Jennifer Clowes, Krystal Collison,
> Cath Dunn, Alex Ekins, Paul Evans,
> Gill Gathercole, Ellie Harrison, Rachael Kidd,
> Tessa Amy Lyons, Anne Parfitt, Julia Parks,
> Sadie Renwick, Katherine Rhodes, Dan Shipsides,
> Ric Warren.
> Closing Party
> Friday 4th October starting at
> Access Space at 6pm
> (followed by fundraiser for Extinction
> Rebellion at venue tbc)
> Exhibition curated by Sadie Renwick, Rachael Kidd & Access Space.
> More info email jake at access-space.org
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> The arts programme at Access Space is funded with public money by the
> National Lottery through
> Arts Council England
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> --
> All the best
> Jake
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Jake Harries, Director of Arts and Innovation
> www.access-space.org  +44(0)114 249 5522
> @accessspace facebook.com/accessspace
> 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
> jake at access-space.org
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All the best

Jake Harries, Director of Arts and Innovation
www.access-space.org  +44(0)114 249 5522
@accessspace facebook.com/accessspace
3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
jake at access-space.org
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