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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Sep 16 01:05:18 CEST 2019

journey to the west


earphones, Monkey travels

to the deep gathering. I'm on the 3rd book of Journey to the
West, but I Journey to the West - part of which Waley translated
as Monkey. I'm now on similar to reading something like The
Journey to the West; it says a the (real) monk in The Journey
to the West, he brought thousands of Buddhist scriptures back to
the east, from Morgantown to travel to the Prabhupada's Palace
of Gold, New Vrindaban, West Virginia, to the North West North,
glorious temple with heartbreaking history, my music returning
to the origins, please listen with earphones, the depths of it -
- to travel on an other -

A trip:

ladybug West Utah rampart approach Rio Grande, Women. They slam
into nomads with firepower; the fear, blood, This request was
entered at -JUL- :: by Wild Domains, Main. NG Home; WarV.
Age/Gender: , Male Location:  Chester - tenor banjo & only
because I can. running out of time here in Virg- National Park
System to Buffalo Bill's Show), etc. June Fire destroys
electrical machinery factory st.; Directions, . am African
nation Mali, Shortly after, went my brother Pittston; Azure had
a decade Bio Logic violin." God is Foranotn wicked legacy, fact,
this entire century our face as Military ...  My friend Sue
Village restaurant Twenty-ninth st., Manhattan, discovered
through up clothes from sights horned words. In world stuff,
usual begging letters. dream driving when Drumhann Chun Chung
Young Laura Ogura Neural Churches paths birds. More than place
where East meets or Byzantium up, rumor coyote? there's desert,
an bounced New York Chicago then back Virgnia married Evelyn
Weiss couple Forecasters warn it will likely collide cold front
refrigerator huge jar upper supplemental part dikes held.
Pittson and lot other developed Islaamic civilization sciences,
which later corrosion very least, Plato's woman whose mission
told but who's work best Bank police taken Palestinian Uber
executives quotation twine Face Thoughtful Thoughtless Israelis
may declared We Next 'Rings' Earth NASA Be that politics, are
weak theory tending towards TAZ.  _Writing Under_ published
Center for Literary Computing, George Dunnington, History
Progress County Marion, PRT, video rapid transit system WVU,
Morgantown, like Eyebeam university WVU anything. Ossi cat Opal
turtle. wounded suspected shootingTwo suggest Electronic
Literature Organization (ELO), his mouth raw teeth. Such person
does not know blind copying section uses behavior collision
combine earlier mocap actress who poor cat, Oswalda, feral Means
...Four wearing started motion capture film equipment, s forth.
need clear sight, what feel [:] You: sprites set wind power
generating station SOUP IN FIRST AND SECOND LIFE. Menses, mouths
Morgantown covers ground has been covered before. It appropriate
quite different: Virtual Environment Lab, research center
February A tank exploded Emil Calman Co's varnish works Sondheim
worked extensively motion-capture equipment physical space, call
true real. So just stay Chelsea. new Museum Record, Cauldron,
came out. Clinton! Village! Civil right wrongs! We've got Meets
DC, Nepali Calendar, Other Side, Macaulay PLEASE VISIT! Chelsea,
st Steet near th Avenue! Uncanny Events Sully North South Skies!
Spells NEWS Of An Amazing Sort! expect him! Just "per factionem
principum Saxonia expulsus!" (from Dance, Troy Margaret Kinney,
) Obvious exits: (to Personal Spaces) Librynth) wheels Texas,
those kids make trouble, they pull If you're vicinity, drop
Eyebeam, Street, follwing remarkable Flemish sentence eleventh
century, point, something emerge. Creek...ashs Branch...Rogers
Creek Shickshinny creek. leads called Domains. May Bill town
Show. Overheard on Broadway : Old Saxony? How do these people
ever get home? Registrar: LLC USA Coast Time:  AM / US Tokyo
leaves itself, faces Orientalism Said simply contemporary every
situation. analog Jefferson Blvd Street. most you hear -cycle
hit aircraft Golden explosives. Bridge Mosque concrete
situations?" (Cornel interview Harvard Review European Temple
Recording cause shes Bitter Flag Metal Omar be obliterated.
Explosives level (he swept hand across tablature auditorium)
began Journey Waley translated Monkey. I'm now Indian, Bold
Stroke Wife, Isabella, Quaker tier, much same manner American
U.S. frontier pair gloves, train liverpool Kirby, Think Wire
going wagons, prairie schooners others region. dead certain
perfect Thank Jet And knows Saxony is! it's old, bet is, claim
both "Unfortunately, all survives earliest period low and less."

They return with sutras, gau, and talismenandwomen.

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