[NetBehaviour] Ideal Summary of Everything I have ever Thought on Anything

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Sep 25 01:24:07 CEST 2019

Ideal Summary of Everything I have ever Thought on Anything


Preparing for three talks and music, imperfect distillation
This is self-indulgent, but is taking weeks.

1. The idea of malleability -input/transformation/output- in
relation to
2. Constraints -what bodies do--reading the outputs --
3. Reflections on somatic ghosting - the uneasy bodies (political,
inert, lost, traced, unaccountable) behind the scenes --
4. Related to gamespace--edgespace--blankspace

Keywords: malleability, constraints, interiority, ghosting --
-- Related to gamespace, edgespace, blankspace --

Content as parasite -- parasite as content --
Fundamental and absolute negativity --
Failure and inadequacy --

The troubling horizon-withdrawal of the somatic --
The remnants of ghosts and the analogic everywhere --

True values relegated to discursive formations,
breakdown of ontologies, vanishing of materiality

Rasters, manifolds, evanescent particles --

Inscriptions always fissure, fissure post-partum inscribes


Now to untangle all of this --


Size and issues re: the Internet Text

Information gathered from panix.com and http://www.alansondheim.org

  1544632 9080039 60313486 total
of all *.txt files at my panix.com account.

   865224 5449499 36057531 total
of all ??.txt files at my panix.com account

==> The first is all .txt files. .doc, .rtf, etc. are excluded
The second is all the .txt files of the form [a-z][a-z].txt
which are all the current normative form of the Internet Text.

What's excluded are the accompanying audio/video/image/etc.
files; everything is at http://www.alansondheim.org There may
be several files not included on the webpage for personal reasons,
but the figures are largely correct.

The current size of the http://www.alansondheim.org/ is
27.07 gigabytes out of a total of 30. I have to keep deleting
older or less useful media files, to keep below the limit. I
pay for the site which is already expensive; I have no
university or other site. There are close to 10000 files up.


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