[NetBehaviour] Save the World, The Trope that won't Save anything

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Dear Alan,

What an evocative piece and so to the point. "Save-the-world-washing" joins
green-washing, share-washing and everything else that capitalismarketing
can get its grubby hands on. May I borrow a few lines and, if so, how to
credit? Do these worlds have a non-email existence somewhere?


On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 8:31 AM Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

> Save the World, The Trope that won't Save anything
> http://www.alansondheim.org/TolypeVelleda.jpg (Azure Carter)
> #ClimateStrike: Millions take to the streets to save the world
> 'Save us, save the world': Pacific climate warriors taking the
> ... His new show Pod Save the World will bring you behind the
> scenes into 1 day ago - The idea that wilderness trips can save
> the world may sound 3 hours ago - We can all save the world if
> we put our minds to A Material to Save the World? - Scientific
> American A World of Ways to Save the World - Great Big Story Apr
> 22, 2019 - Those Sea-Monkeys just might save the world. Buy
> Fortnite: Save the World - Standard Founders Pack ... Can More
> Wilderness Trips Save the World? | Outside Online Can basketball
> save the world? New NYU course says yes Click here to save the
> world Epic sued over Fortnite Save the World's 'predatory' loot
> ... Expo 2020 Dubai's mascots ready to save the world - News ...
> Girls Save the World - Girl Scouts of Connecticut His new show
> Pod Save the World will bring you behind the scenes How Tesla's
> Model Y has the potential to save the world ... I don't want you
> to save the world - The Oatmeal I don't want you to save the
> world. I just want you to. Update: Jan 27, 2019 - The V-Buck
> Llamas of Fortnite: Save the World Jonathan Ledgard Believes
> Imagination Could Save the World Jul 25, 2017 - Fortnite Save
> the World Standard Founder's Pack is the epic Listen to Pod Save
> the World episodes free, on demand. Pod Save America Looks like
> Fortnite's Save the World may go free-to-play next ... Mar 1,
> 2019 - A lawsuit accuses Fortnite Save the World of May 1, 2018
> - Save the World is the original Fortnite mode that Maybe music
> will save the world, said Pablo Casals, the great Mode: Save the
> World Live Streams - Twitch New to Save the World? Find answers
> to commonly asked questions in game. Northfield's plan to save
> the world | Manitou Messenger On Pod Save the World, I'll go
> behind the scenes with the people Only Multilateralism Can Save
> the World Economy From ... Only Multilateralism Can Save the
> World Economy From Breaking Opinion | Will Gen-Z Save the World?
> - The New York Times Pins Won't Save the World Pod Save the
> World Pod Save the World - Art19 Pod Save the World on Apple
> Podcasts Pod Save the World on Spotify Pod Save the World |
> Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts Power to Save the World: The
> Truth About Nuclear Energy ... Quest to Save the World's Wild
> Salmon, a new book by journalist Save the World - Fortnite Wiki
> Save the World - Fortnite Wiki Guide - IGN Save the World -
> Helpshift Save the World - Wonderville | MindFuel Save the World
> - jonasegloff Save the World Club (SWC) is an environmental
> creative arts, Save the World Foundation Save the World is the
> co-op sandbox PVE Campaign of Fortnite. ... Fortnite Save the
> World's Seas. By Andy Battaglia Posted 09/25/19 3:44 Save the
> World's original ... Save the World*brings together people from
> all parts of the Save the World, Environmental Problemsthe REAL
> Solution ... Sep 16, 2019 - Jonathan Ledgard Believes
> Imagination Could Save the World. Story 2: the aliens are
> invading, let's save the world! Me: same The "Save the World"
> mode is described as a co-op sandbox survival game The Man Who
> Tried to Save the World: The Dangerous Life ... The environment
> isn't the REAL 'Save the World' issue, WE areand UN climate
> summit won't save the world (but it might help ... Vietnam
> supports emergency declaration to save the world ... Watch the
> best Mode: Save the World channels and streamers that are live
> We know pins won't save the world, but wearing them might make
> What we've promised will not be enough to save the world's Why
> You Should Stop Trying to Save the World | npENGAGE Why and How
> Music Will Save the World | Institute for ... Will Dollars Save
> the World? | Mises Institute Yes, to Save the World, Wisconsin
> Really Needs to Beat ... Youth Climate Strikes: Speak Up to Save
> the World | Climate ... dedicated to Fortnite: Save the World
> from Epic Games. Build for free on practically any modern device
> you could name. Save the World, help save the world. [Image:
> Marlene Imirzian & Associates how to save the world | Dave
> Pollard's chronicle of ... how to save the world. Dave Pollard's
> chronicle of on Twitch! Check out their featured videos for
> other Mode: Save the World save the world price save the world!
> Me: oh my god, will ... save the world. If he had passed his
> report up the chain of space-age development could save the
> world it would be Landsat
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