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Jeez I was trying to look up those lyrics and saw that "as without so within" is already known and invented and attached to "as above so below" in the sense of magic and DNA.  So, that's a little disturbing.  But perhaps disturbances are part of learning?

But too much is too much, bane of the internet search.

I will have to stick to the image I like, of an old pen and ink lyric sheet on yellowing paper, found in a log cabin, by a mid-19th century miner who wrote songs, no formal education beyond tent meetings, played by the family band, As Above so As Below.  Imaginary fact-finding, highly chimeric and questionable.

As on one level, so on other levels, rank aside?
As in one network, so in other networks, rank aside, in despite of rank?
The other half of truth?

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I like this song, never heard of it before!

I like the picture too but it is very sad in a way.  Is it hopeful too?  That would depend partly on me I guess.

They're replacing the RNA world model of "molecule that copies itself appears and starts world" with systems chemistry, where chimeras are more mixed up, sort of improvising, creating fragments of this and fragments of that, fragments of RNA and fragments of DNA, in a kind of improv jazz tent meeting, then lo and behold, both RNA and DNA are born.  Just imagine how different these worlds are!  Primordial soup then RNA then DNA, versus primordial soup then chimeras of fragments then life.

There's a neat book called Life Itself by network biology expert Robert Rosen that is full of math.  Equations after equations.  All about how biology is a network.  Proteins are networks.  Cells use integral feedback control to coordinate a la cybernetics, all this before any human being existed or was dreamt of, since the very first cells and cells groups.

Above and below make sense, but are 2D somewhat.  What is 3D?  As without, so within.  This is why Shelley said "Who mourns for Adonais?  O come forth / fond wretch and know thyself and him aright.  / Clasp with thy panting soul the pendulous earth, / As from a center dart thy spirit's light / beyond all worlds, until its spacious might / satiate the void circumference, then shrink / even to a point within our day and night / and keep thy heart light lest it make thee sink/ when hope has kindled hope and lured thee to the brink."

But then what about 4D?  Like a unit circle but also sinusoid, which is DNA, plus all the rippling and flowing of life and history we see.  A beautiful elevated song of fugue and joy.

May heaven save the Boundary Waters Canoe Area!  🙂

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As Above, So As Below



I'm taking a trip to heaven
to heaven I will go,
I've talked to God and She did say,
As above, so as below

I'm minding my lips unlevened
Unlevened I will sow,
I've balked from clod and it did say,
As above so as below

As above, so as below, my friends
As above, so as below -
The World's a World without its ends
As above, so as below -

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