[NetBehaviour] As Above, So As Below

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Sep 28 19:41:30 CEST 2019

above and below w/in the earth, gravitation field.
one of my first video pieces was based on a 4d graphics program,
'4320', learning to drive in 4d. -

On Sat, 28 Sep 2019, Max Herman via NetBehaviour wrote:

> I like this song, never heard of it before!
> I like the picture too but it is very sad in a way. Is it hopeful too? That
> would depend partly on me I guess.
> They're replacing the RNA world model of "molecule that copies itself
> appears and starts world" with systems chemistry, where chimeras are more
> mixed up, sort of improvising, creating fragments of this and fragments of
> that, fragments of RNA and fragments of DNA, in a kind of improv jazz tent
> meeting, then lo and behold, both RNA and DNA are born. Just imagine how
> different these worlds are! Primordial soup then RNA then DNA, versus
> primordial soup then chimeras of fragments then life.
> There's a neat book called Life Itself by network biology expert Robert
> Rosen that is full of math. Equations after equations. All about how biology
> is a network. Proteins are networks. Cells use integral feedback control to
> coordinate a la cybernetics, all this before any human being existed or was
> dreamt of, since the very first cells and cells groups.
> Above and below make sense, but are 2D somewhat. What is 3D? As without, so
> within. This is why Shelley said "Who mourns for Adonais? O come forth /
> fond wretch and know thyself and him aright. / Clasp with thy panting soul
> the pendulous earth, / As from a center dart thy spirit's light / beyond all
> worlds, until its spacious might / satiate the void circumference, then
> shrink / even to a point within our day and night / and keep thy heart light
> lest it make thee sink/ when hope has kindled hope and lured thee to the
> brink."
> But then what about 4D? Like a unit circle but also sinusoid, which is DNA,
> plus all the rippling and flowing of life and history we see. A beautiful
> elevated song of fugue and joy.
> May heaven save the Boundary Waters Canoe Area! ?
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> As Above, So As Below
> http://www.alansondheim.org/WVU.jpg
> I'm taking a trip to heaven
> to heaven I will go,
> I've talked to God and She did say,
> As above, so as below
> I'm minding my lips unlevened
> Unlevened I will sow,
> I've balked from clod and it did say,
> As above so as below
> As above, so as below, my friends
> As above, so as below -
> The World's a World without its ends
> As above, so as below -
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