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Remnants of Remnants


1977 Biennial/Video Program 4*
March 12-March 19, 1977

Global Groove (1973) by Nam June Paik
Skin Cancer (1975) and The Dive (1975)
by Ilene Segalove
Television Delivers People (1973) by
Richard Scrra
Evidence (1975) by Alan Sondheim

" Another concern of single-channel, single monitor/
image video is the perception on the screen of scale and
physical objects, exemplified in the work of John Baldes-
sari, and the cognition of chemical and physical change
through time, a preoccupation of Terry Fox. Allan Kaprow
explores time and objectivity by recording perceptible,
measurable tasks, while Alan Sondheim observes, records,
and comments on the micro-environment. These artists
raise questions of documentation, real time, and real space
by directly investigating the phenomenology of particular
phenomena. "

Program 4: Nam June Paik, Global Groove. 30 min. Ilene
Segalove, Skin Cancer. 3 mm. and The Dive, 1 min.
Richard Serra, Television Delivers People. 6 mm. Alan
Sondheim, Evidence, 62 mm.
Sat. Mar. 12 to Sat Mar. 19
12, 2, 4; also Tue. at 6:15 & 8

Changeless Channels: As video artists clean up their act, they're
losing more than just the rough edges
by Lisa Steele
Fuse, Jan. 1982, v. 5, no. 10, pp. 358-360
This article examines four videotapes: Prime Cuts, by Paul Wong;
Wonder Woman, by Dara Birnbaum; O Superman, by Laurie Anderson; and
Remnants From The Beginning of the Period of Destruction, by Alan
Sondheim. These are discussed in the context of accessibility and
technical quality as dictated by pay-TV and cable television.
ITEM 1982.017  available for viewing in the Research Centre
Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited
Prime Cuts  Paul Wong

Dara Birnbaum
Wonder Woman  Laurie Anderson
O Superman  Alan Sondheim
Remnants From The Beginning of the Period of Destruction

================ & I don't remember this or where it is
================ or what it was or if i showed there later
================ or again this archeology suffers, suffuses
================ piggybacking on the fame of others

"piggybacking:  piggybacking A method for passing {acknowledgement
frame}s and {data frame}s in the same direction along a line."

micro-environments, phenomenology of approach in Evidence, then
annihilation: to the limit, in Remnants From the Beginning of the
Period of Destruction

================ & I accuse

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