[NetBehaviour] shakuhachi ghost

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Apr 5 18:25:11 CEST 2020

shakuhachi ghost

https://youtu.be/FAAB7uAm7tg video

somatic ghost extensions from within without the body playing
on an off-tuned later afternoon evening sky hoping the virus
is listening (no, not all they do is replicate or exist) (true
they have no ears but then... pannalal ghosh perhaps... (true
enough please note that they have no fundamental vibration)...
shakuhachi ghost makes all visible, the fleeting moment of
audible somnolence)...

"he wants to practice shakuhachi"
(holeless shakuhachi)
(shakuhachi, 1930s jinashi, reverberation)
* these pieces are no-string pieces for jiari shakuhachi
- the shakuhachi has already split, but is still playable,
..it's after shakuhachi. song was beautiful. I used bone-body
1 = shakuhachi; 2 = corona-crown in suspension death
Today I practice jinashi shakuhachi, and
I begin focusing more on shakuhachi and will begin and lose
= shakuhachi = shamisen = shard = sheffer = shimenawa = shinjuu
A well-made shakuhachi is created from root bamboo, weeks worked
She plays shakuhachi, whole worlds appear within the moist interior
and while the shakuhachi is a body-bone, breathing the body, the

colonies of protozoa in perfect suspension. after the shakuhachi
is her basket, two robbers approached her. her shakuhachi was made
from a body-bone, from a bone body, then

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