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It was ten years ago we published 'Artists Re: thinking Games' (2010).
Co-editors: Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett & Corrado Morgana.

Digital games are important not only because of their cultural
ubiquity or their sales figures but for what they can offer as a space
for creative practice. Games are significant for what they embody;
human computer interface, notions of agency, sociality, visualisation,
cybernetics, representation, embodiment, activism, narrative and play.
These and a whole host of other issues are significant not only to the
game designer but also present in the work of the artist that thinks
and rethinks games. Re-appropriated for activism, activation,
commentary and critique within games and culture, artists have
responded vigorously.

Originally it was sold for £10 and sold out very quickly. Now on sale
at Amazon for £98.07.

Anne-Marie Schleiner, Alex Galloway, Mary Flanagan, Daphne Dragona,
Jeremy Bailey, Bill Viola, Heather, Corcoran, Matthius Fuchs, Tale of
Tales, Emma Westecott, David Surman. Cover by Alex Galloway.

In collaboration with FACT – http://www.fact.co.uk. Publisher -
Liverpool University Press, UK.

A great review about it can be found here, by Matteo Bittanti on
Gamescene.org - https://tinyurl.com/t8vjnsk

Copy of original book launch promotion page at Furtherfield -

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