[NetBehaviour] generator

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Apr 9 20:11:19 CEST 2020



https://youtu.be/TIfeS5AeYRI VIDEO


factual description: my asus gaming laptop updated - the largest so
far, 40 gigabytes. it took most of the afternoon. it's a ten-year-
old production machine. while updating, the screen was compromised;
i used the result for work in second life, the spread of what in
appearance is a plague virus and the usual voice-chant 'i don't
understand what you're saying.' i recorded as such. i produced
video and still. the result is a series of generator pieces which
reflect viral spreading and corruption of surfaces.

description: the viral spreading and corruption of surfaces led to
thinking through the breakdown and flattening of communication in
times of crisis. the territories are demarcated, volatile, always
on the move. i felt myself hurtling into unknown geometries with
alien trajectories. i related it to corona virus, to plague in
general, to the absolutist terror occasioned by isis and other
groups literally heaven-bent on perfection. i can't get these
surfaces clean enough. their beauty is like paste jewelry, all the
stops are out. i can't get enough of them. they frighten me. i know
for you, the observer, nothing is ever enough as well. i know the
conversion prepared by youtube, by any means possible, will elude
the detail and granularity of the digital real. what will result,
will smear, will be bandage or carapace across the illusion of
reflective brilliance. placing them for viewing in other words is
already damage, as in adorno's words, damaged life.

the fourth in a series of meditations on plague and quarantine. and
the fifth? the fifth would be


a little over two hours in length, almost all black-screen, an
extended meditation at the time, on torture and destruction, two or
three sentences appear, i know not where. the silence of the tomb
and now the refrigerator truck, no god to help us all. and i envy


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