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Dear all,

News from where we are:

https://medium.com/@readruiz/the-first-month-of-a-maker-lab-against-covid-19-in-northeastern-brazil-121d161be705 <https://medium.com/@readruiz/the-first-month-of-a-maker-lab-against-covid-19-in-northeastern-brazil-121d161be705>

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> Em 10 de abr de 2020, à(s) 13:25, marc garrett via NetBehaviour <netbehaviour at lists.netbehaviour.org> escreveu:
> News From Where We Are #1
> Welcome to Furtherfield's new podcast - a cultural discussion grounded
> in news from where we are.
> https://soundcloud.com/furtherfield/news-from-where-we-are-1
> When the lockdown hit the UK a couple of weeks ago we asked
> contributors and lurkers on Furtherfield's Netbehavour email
> discussion list how they were doing.
> We received reports from every continent and this inspired us to
> create this podcast. Some of them have record their reports for us too
> and we will hear from them in a minute.
> All of this reminded us that while we may be confined to our homes by
> the Coronavirus emergency we still have access to thriving networked
> cultures from around the world. So this podcast is a conversation with
> many voices from the ground to explore how the
> collaborative-imaginative fieldwork of artists, techies and activists
> is informing how we organise, imagine and build solidarity, good
> health and post-capitalist realities. Working together and supporting
> others to do the same.
> This new podcast includes your news from where you are, interviews,
> reviews, readings to explore how people want to live in our
> globally-connected world now.
> It includes news from Helen Varley Jamieson, Rob Myers, Isabelle
> Arvers, Tacira and Edward Picot; conversations between myself and
> Cassie Thornton, and Ruth Catlow and Cade Diehm, an audio essay by
> Jaya Klara Brekke, a review by Regine Debatty and a Poem by Jeremy
> Hight.
> Sounds from Ouch Those Monkeys, Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, Luke
> Damrosch, Stewart Home.
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