[NetBehaviour] fluke (and request)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 14 16:03:29 CEST 2020



fluke - on a small exercycle, playing FLUTE and then
noticing the upper octaves on certain NOTES were
making the Burmese KYEZEE behind me resonate and then
recording THUSLY and lowering the file by 18 semitones
while keeping the original SPEED and then finding out
that the sympathetic resonance was ALMOST inaudible
however the overall trajectory of the MUSIC became of
much greater interest. this i call a SETUP and the
result creates SOUND i would not have imagined, and
the same with structures. it's a way of OPENING up new
territory, extending the physicality of PLAY with this
creation of a form of THEATER.

and it's also a way of keeping myself sane, not knowing exactly
what i'd be hearing at the end of the piece, of the day; when i'm
exercising this way i feel i'm an integral part of a machine that
serves a double purpose of dubious health and dubious music. so
it's in part the result of quarantine, performing in a hall of
mirror with minimal interference between what i'm doing with body
and breath and instrument, and a result which may at least for me
be instructive, may for a moment reduce the fears and anxieties to
shadows, may make it easier for azure and myself in this confined
space (did i mention we went out for thirty seconds for the first
time in twelve days to see if there was any real storm damage), so
i say again, music created us, music informed us, and by us i mean
far before our neanderthal ancestry, back before the early avian
efflorescence, back into the microbiomes of stromatolite and sea
and earlier, vibrance which is repetition which is returning to the
same albeit always already slightly different as breathing is or
may well be, exchanging oxygen or anaerobic processes then and now,
returning as integrations, as momentary barriers of ripples and
cirrus cloud formations, as the fingers moving slightly and almost
imperceptible on the keys of a flute, not a fluke of evolution but
an integral part of it, what makes us momentarily whole until the
bubbling dissolution when death does us part

note - Hopefully you've read this far; I'd be interested in online
group improvisation; if you'd consider me as a participant, please
let me know back-channel. thanks, Alan -

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