[NetBehaviour] How is everyone?

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Wed Apr 15 13:50:55 CEST 2020


I just picked up on this and thought I'd answer it.

As I said, we are in Day 42 of lockdown - today we put on the full gear and went shopping. So strange to have lunch in the car with takeaway Starbucks (land of the brand here, sorry) seem luxurious. We know we are in an existential bubble; a lot of things are going to happen when the world stops hlding its breath. A lot of creativity will seem to appear from nowhere. A lot will seem to appear from nowhere; it was just under the coronabubble.

I'm not going to say that the world will shift into hard, glinting progressivism, not will I be too pessimistic. Personally, I feel when the exhale comes, it will be like a Great Wave that I know will affect us all significantly. 

So, how am I, how are we? In a place where we know the future is painful, optimistic, terrifying, exciting, and potentially tumultuous.
Feelings: Depressed from the isolation, apprehensive of the global changes to come, glad for it shaking us off our center, glad for the potential of the future.
My heart hurts, honestly. But I know there is an arrow forward.

I'm glad that this thing tells the world that there is a chance to fix things. How, is the other question. Thunberg vs. Xi, and that is a bit polar, but it illustrates the main idea.

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