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Virus Diary: Day 2, Day 42 of Isolation
Abu Dhabi
I'm from Ohio, the Akron-Canton, region to be exact, now considered a Trump bastion for now, and nowhere I intend to return in my life.My dewar brother Bob does, where he runs a classic car showroom, which is currently shuttered. However, another viral infection happening in my old home town appears to be libertarians protesting against their freedoms being taken away by being forced into lockdown. "We need to go to our jobs!", one driver yelled, echoing both the Protestant work ethic in the Midwest warped into a form of neoliberalism is freedom 1984 speech. "This is a science fiction scenario..."  I tell myself, reminded of movies like Soylent Green, where the dead began being fed to the living, Madness, I tell myself, but then I remember a Daily Show clip from a Trump rally where, when asked if she knew what she was talking about, proudly shouted, "Nope! But I sure know what I believe!"

Across the "pond" closer to me, I was watching Hairy Humps art videos on thewrong.tv's channel, a camel with jello dynamics, jumping, squishing and sliding around. Hairy Humps was my metaphor today, a bactrian camel bouncing and sliding all over the place because we are in a chaos freeze-frame. But maybe Hairy Humps is today's vaccine against the necropolitical onslaught;  A push against the horror of the Thackerian "Known-Unknowns".  Time frozen in madness, caught in harmless Vaporwave congeniality.

That is the panic event-space today; a stupid hairy Bactrian bouncing, waiting for his Selfie.

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