[NetBehaviour] [event] XPUB Special Issue #11 // Post-Digital Itch Today 17:00 CEST

Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Sat Apr 18 15:29:57 CEST 2020

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Special Issue #11 // Post-Digital Itch 

*Today*, 17:00 CEST at https://xpub.lurk.org


Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design: Experimental Publishing
Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy


January–April 2020

 From the other side of the world, we were given data about a past 
dictatorship  threatening to reinstate itself. A portion of an archive 
that exists to keep history truthful  and  educate  the present,  the  
recurrent time of political urgency and authoritarian repression. We 
were entrusted to secure it, manage it, and publish it anonymously. We 
cannot share the archive itself, but we can share our stories 
(experiences) and  process (tools, methods)  at this collectively 
assembled website:

In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, Stichting NAC, 


Today at 17:00 CEST we will try to create a public for that

1. Join our webchat at https://xpub.lurk.org
2. At 17:00 we will provide a stream link there
3. 17–19:30h presentation, Q&A, music
4. BONUS TRACK: Afterwards we invite you to join 




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