[NetBehaviour] plague fall

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 18 19:42:08 CEST 2020

plague fall

https://youtu.be/-y54z4rIRMg VIDEO

2:51 AM (2 hours ago)

Really it's the banality of everything the fact that everything
exists within the frame that the frame itself is seething one way
or another that it doesn't have any real internal structure except
the darkened areas seem as if they would go on forever and in fact
I thought of them in the sense while looking at the interior of my
eyelid as a kind of screen on which is projected nothing but
murmurings or scatterings nothing but shufflings.  If there's a
philosophy behind this it's one of scattered notes as well as just
asides to things just things being written on the margins or rims
of uselessly turning wheels of the exhausted machinery. As if the
cyborg itself - that's something to which no one draws attention to
- and the self, the work that is being done by the virus is
something that might occur in any small town anywhere. So it's
whisperings or a small-town newspaper that goes nowhere that says
nothing to people who are going nowhere or saying nothing. And this
is the kind of philosophy that emerges in the time of crisis. And
this is the kind of video that emerges in the time of crisis as
well. I'd like to say that there's more to it than this, then it
might even be a question of evoking a new language. Philosophers
are always talking about new language and new terminology. But in
fact it's the fact that the words and the videos are so worn out
that makes them powerful. That makes them resonate with the times.
That makes them carry forth, or confusions are eruptions are
partial sentences are hanging onto whatever is left of our
humanness. I recognize humanness itself doesn't even belong here as
a concept other than as a group of people who are at the moment,
are in need very often of hospitalization or somehow calming. But I
can't offer solace and who would I be if I could offer anything.
This is a philosophy of not offering anything at all. This is a
philosophy in other words of inadequacy of nothing but the frame
with its spoiling and repetitive imagery,

as if a forgery


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