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Hi - hopefully I edited the subject line properly here.

I do want to thank you for your comments. The 'rodents' are2-dimensional
particles (images) created from 3-dimensional models related to the altered
motion-capture work I've done. I must say I like rodents! and spent time
with Azure observing muskrat behavior in a reservoir in Colorado. There's a
secret life of rodents, of everything on the planet for that matter.

And thank you for your comments below; the plague flight and plague fall
relate, for me, to vectors of fear and deeply transformative landscapes,
beyond this particular virus, into other equally-pressing domains, the
inability of the planet to sustain increasing populations, global
extinctions, climate change occurring at increasingly faster rates. For
those of us alive now, the planet will be unrecognizable in a century or
less. For some reason I'm reminded of Terry Allen's New Delhi Freight

Of course every gesture, every work, utterance, is an offering (although in
the U.S. often seen as an obtrusion); and yes, the inexplicable permeates
among all of us.

Best, Alan, again thank you.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 7:15 AM Danielle Imara via NetBehaviour <
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> Re: Plague Fall (Alan Sondheim)
> The video a fully immersive experience.
> A dark Solaris and strangely I saw rodents (Lots) Were they there?
> The initial sound seemed like an othercuture othertimes chant for the
> dead, then rose, or fell, fantastically into here and now.
> I do get the philosophy of offering nothing at all, yet will point out the
> video is an offering and it is effective and affecting and it does give
> satisfaction by mirroring the inexplicable; and for me is a deep and
> relevant experience. Thank you.
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