[NetBehaviour] Virus Diary Day 5: Consciousness and Monkey-Mind

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Fri Apr 24 13:29:43 CEST 2020


Virus Diary: Day 5, Day 45 of Isolation
Abu Dhabi

This one is short.
Then locked in a room, it's easy to loop.
Spiraling in, the walls close, the monkey-mind bangs on the bars.
Forget Wisconsin, LIBERATE ME!
The Super-Ego watches the sleeper; the Id races about madly.
This is where rationalism threatens to go on holiday as the kids cry in hunger because you haven;t been to work for two months.
"I believe the Free Market will shut down any business circulating a virus.", the mayor of Las Vegas said.
Well, that's nice if the incubation period were not 14 days. 
I could be to Shanghai, Kathmandu, and Warsaw by then.
Things fall apart, American free-market logic does not hold.
Finally, the Washington post said, "Maybe this could be a call to action on Climate Change"
Said the frog in the Dutch Oven that just blew its lid through the ceiling.
It's hot in here, baby.

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