[NetBehaviour] Two free books originally published by Salt.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Apr 24 21:48:10 CEST 2020

For your reading: The original post was a while ago:
These are two free books originally published by Salt.

Two Free Books by Alan Sondheim, Originally Published by Salt!


Deep Language, Salt Publishing, Cambridge, 2010

The Wayward, Salt Publishing, Cambridge, 2004

Both of these books sold poorly and were unceremoniously dropped
by Salt. I wasn't informed, and had no chance to buy additional
copies myself - I only found out when I tried to order some a
year or so ago. I'm also no longer included on the authors list.
Apparently a very large number of other authors were dropped as
well. I do believe we should have been informed that this was
going to happen. In any case, here are two free books for you!

The Wayward is based on MOOs, Talkers, MUDs, and other forms of
digital texting; there are a number of "playlets" and other
kinds of dialogs in it. The blurbs are by Maria Damon and
Stephanie Strickland. (They're not included in the pdf.)

Deep Language is wilder, occupying positions between codework
and text, classical language, and semiotic splatter. The two
books resonate with each other. The blurbs are by Maria Damon
and John Cayley. (Again, they're not included in the pdf.)

The books were beautifully printed; they were just taken down.
Think of them as orphans, with beautiful deep and wayward
language, and enjoy.


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