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Virus Diary: Day 6, Day 46 of Isolation
Abu Dhabi

Ramadan Kareem.
The month of fasting that teaches compassion for others, for the starving, for the sick.
Ramadan will happen almost entirely within the period of confinement in the UAE.
In a way, this restraint/confinement is almost concidental. During ramadan, you cannot eat, drink, smoke in public.
But in an odd turn of events, how can this happen if there is so one in the streets to begin with?
Suhar and Iftar are other matters. Getting up before dawn for morning prayer isn't the easiest thing (I actually observed last year)
However, iftar, the nightly family/community dinner is a different matter It's literally one of the sources of the cultuar notions of siting down and breaking bread together,  The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi normally has a huge (and actually amazingly good) iftar, which is now silent.
Contrary to Western Beliefs, Ramadan is not this totally austere holiday as one might think. People typically go nocturnal, and the fasting all day breaks into family food and music in the evening.  But with social distancing and the lockdown, How much of this will be disturbed is questionable.
I once did a stand-up comedy routine once where I said, "White Guys Can't do Ittar." The point being was that at the time, i was single in the UAE and had no family to celebrate with Even though I am not Muslim, I decided to try to see how my Arab college students dealt with it.  While I got phne calls from Arab friends shouting "Ramadan Mobarak!", I was in Subway with my Veggie Delite and Bag of Doritos.
Ramadan is different for different people, and I guess that is the point.
In the center of the lockdown, Ramadan Mubarak.

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