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Wed Dec 2 13:21:11 CET 2020

Dear all,

The web publication of Plotting Data has been out for a while, but just now
we are having the opportunity to promote it more actively.

The web publication addresses datasets for machine learning. It contains
three experimental interfaces made to browse the COCO dataset, the Enron
corpus and the 20bn Something-Something dataset, as well as four interviews
with artists Mimi Onuoha, Caroline Sinders, Francis Hunger and Nicolas

You can find it here: http://plottingd.at/a/

We welcome any feedback you might have as we carry on this work in
different constellations and formats.

Many thanks,
Ruben & Cristina

------ About Plotting Data ------

Algorithmic models learn to distinguish patterns and make predictions by
attempting to imitate existing structures in vast collections of data. In
the process of creating these datasets, conflict and ambiguity are omitted
in favour of turning the world into its computable double. How do we bring
forth narratives that make other interpretations possible?

Plotting Data was a series of workshops held by Cristina Cochior & Ruben
van de Ven in 2019, which explored the biases and tensions within datasets
that underlie systems for automated decision making. Discussions,
presentations and performances fed into the creation of digital interfaces
that emphasise the inherently performative characteristics of datasets.
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