[NetBehaviour] four minute fourminute

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Dec 18 18:11:03 CET 2020

four minute fourminute

https://youtu.be/ZMGMItYi_rc  VIDEO

difficult to empty the world of the world
what are you looking at
theres nothing to see here
difficult to empty gravity of gravity
the gravity of gravity
this is a statement about physics exhaustion of consciousness
exhaustion of consciousness
this is the metaphysics of the endgame of metaphysics
there are routines falling off the edge
you are saying routines themselves fall yes i am off the edge
you are saying routines for falling off the edge
perhaps to save a life no nothing of the sort
for falling off the edge it doesnt matter matter doesnt matter
these are the last words i will know in this world that world
gravity is always late where are gravitons what is a scenario
that is not a representation this is not a representation
the last glimmer final breath pulse nothing there
the world empty of the world exhaustion of emptiness
the gravity of gravity

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