[NetBehaviour] long-necked saz scale condensate

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 21 14:23:17 CET 2020

long-necked saz scale condensate


improvisation from the nut to the lowest three frets
everything within this region of the neck
i give my self this exercise to create something
something at the bottom of the scale
or the top of the eight strings
or the region of lows and intensities
or the landscape of the almost fully opened strings
there are eight strings in three courses
there is circular tunings and octaves and fifths
the arms are stretched more than a meter
you must listen one hundred times to gauge the depth
my music does not come easily nor does it welcome you
it turns in on itself with intense imminence
look i'm saying there's not much time for all of this
my protractors and planimeters tell me so
the highest known prime cannot fit into the wedge of an angle
the inverse of the incalculable next immediately dissolves
fourier series crashland on the surface of my nails
planck time and space eats away at my acceleration
the shimmer of the eight strings have no eight-fold paths
the neutrino never neither poses nor supposes
sound drives matter into uneasy noisy and clumsy orbits
i haven't stopped or started anywhere in these sounds
o tawdry o sleazy o incomplete

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